2019 NFL Championship Sunday Predictions

We have made it to the ‘FInal Four’ stage of the NFL Playoffs. The Saints, Chiefs, Rams, and Patriots will battle it out for a shot at immortality. This weekend has 2 very high profile rematches, and should be very intense affairs. Now it’s time to see which matchup we will see on ‘Super Sunday:’ a rematch of the greatest game ever played, a rematch of Super Bowl XXXVI, a battle of high powered offenses, or maybe a battle between two of the greatest of all time? Only time will tell, and let’s get this show on the road with my predictions for Championship Sunday 2019.
NFC Championship Game: Los Angeles Rams (13-3) @ New Orleans Saints (13-3)
The legend of Nick Foles ends in the Superdome, as The Eagles lost 20-14. They started out hot, quickly going up 14-0 in the first quarter. The Saints were dead in the water, with Brees throwing a pick on the first play of the game. Then in the second half, the Saints sat up like The Undertaker and scored 20 unanswered, alongside Marshon Lattimore getting 2 clutch INTs, including a game sealer. Now, I’m going to give where Foles credit where credit is due. The Eagles’ season was over, shutting Carson Wentz down after week 14 because he was hurt, and to play the last few games for pride. Nick Foles came back in, then turned the magic on and got wins over the Rams, Texans and Redskins to get in the playoffs. He beat the Bears in the Wild Card Playoffs, and the Eagles accomplished way more than they were supposed to. I don’t care what Doug Pederson said, Nick Foles has done way too much in the past couple of years to be a backup again. Carson Wentz may be a better athlete, but there’s something about Foles that changes the the team’s mentality, and makes them hungrier to win. While Nick Foles ponders his future, The Saints host a high profile rematch against the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams dominated last Saturday on the ground, with both Todd Gurley and CJ Anderson racking up more than 100 yards as they helped the Rams beat Dallas 30-22. This is the Rams’ first appearance in the NFC Championship since 2001, and the Saints’ first appearance since 2009. Jared Goff didn’t play too hot the past few weeks, so Coach McVay transformed the Rams into a power run offense. If the Rams are going to go on to the Super Bowl, they need strong play from Jared Goff. The Saints have a good run defense, and Jared Goff might need to beat the Saints with his arm. This game is going to be a battle, and will come down to whoever has the ball last. I’m going to pick the New Orleans Saints to pick up the W, and finally get Drew Brees back to the Super Bowl.

Prediction: Saints

AFC Championship Game: New England Patriots (11-5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)
For the eighth consecutive season, the Patriots are going to the AFC Championship to play a familiar foe in the Kansas City Chiefs. They played each other earlier this year in week 6, with the Patriots edging out the Chiefs 43-40. Tom Brady threw for 340 yards and a TD, while Pat threw for 352 yards and 4 TDs. That game was in Foxborough, Mass. The last time the Pats played in Arrowhead? September 29, 2014, when the Chiefs demolished New England 41-14. Oh dear. Now, these are completely different teams since that point. The Patriots have been to 3 Super Bowls, and the Chiefs ditched Alex Smith and started transcendent QB Patrick Mahomes. Now, let’s recap their playoff games, which both teams won in dominating fashion. Let’s talk the Chiefs first. They played a very hot Colts team, winning 10 of their last 11 games including their Wild Card win over Houston. They got demolished at Arrowhead. The Chiefs very quickly jumped out to a 24-7 lead at halftime, then coasted through the second half as the Colts continued to struggle on offense. The Colts would score another TD in the fourth quarter, but it was too late, as the Chiefs advanced on 31-13. Meanwhile in Foxborough, Mass., The Patriots dominated a VERY good Chargers team by controlling the clock, not turning the ball over, and picking apart their zone defense by throwing underneath. The Chargers may have talent, but good luck trying to out coach the ‘Lord of Darkness.’ The Chargers dug themselves in a hole, going down 35-7 at halftime, but despite scoring 14 in the fourth, it wasn’t enough. The Patriots once again look as dominant as ever as they advance to their 13th AFC Championship Game appearance in the Brady/Belichick Era. That is straight dominance, and speaks to the overall greatness of Belichick’s coaching. Now he faces fellow coaching great in Andy Reid, for only the second time in the postseason. Belichick is 2-0 against the Walrus, beating him at Super Bowl XXXIX, and the 2014 divisional playoff round. This game is going to be very similar to their week 6 matchup, but unfortunately Andy Reid must once again don the ‘Choking Cap’ and blow the game against the Patriots, giving Tom Brady his ninth Super Bowl trip, and fourth in the past five years.
Prediction: Patriots


2019 NFL Divisional Playoff Predictions

Wild Card Weekend was insane, and both #6 seeds pulled off big upsets, but can they do it again? We are now at the ‘Elite Eight’ stage of the NFL Playoffs, and the teams that got a week of R&R now have to fight on to the Conference Championship games. Who is going to get one step closer to immortality? Let’s find out with my 2019 NFL Divisional Round picks.

Last Week’s Playoff Picks: 2-2

Indianapolis Colts (10-6) @ Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)

Wow, the Colts knocked the Texans’ teeth out in the first half of last week’s game, quickly going up 21-0 and preventing Houston from scoring up until the 4th quarter. The Colts now go to the loudest stadium to take on the Kansas City Chiefs and second year phenom and MVP favorite Patrick Mahomes. The last time these teams played, the Chiefs blew a 31-10 lead, and let Andrew Luck come back in an insane 2013 wild card game. As I stated in my Wild Card predictions last week, the Kansas City Chiefs have only won a single divisional round game since they won the Super Bowl back in 1969, and that’s a thought that’s lingered in my head, but the Chiefs have too much firepower to sputter and be a ‘1 & done.’ This game is going to be a shootout between two generational gunslingers, and will come down to whoever has that last shot in the chamber. While it’d be great to see Luck lead the Colts to the AFC Championship, the Chiefs are going to win this game thanks to Pat Mahomes throwing for a ridiculous amount of yards and TDs.

Prediction: Chiefs

Dallas Cowboys (10-6) @ Los Angeles Rams (12-4)

The Dallas Cowboys have won their third playoff game since they won Super Bowl XXX against a very good Seahawks team, who didn’t go down without a fight. The Boys came to play this postseason, and last week Dak proved that he needs an extension. Unfortunately, tragedy struck as WR Allen Hurns destroyed his ankle while getting tackled, I wish you nothing but the best in your recovery. Now the Cowboys travel on the road to take on the Los Angeles Rams, who have a high powered offense. The Rams have looked very mortal over the past month, suffering 2 ugly losses to the Bears and Niners as Pro Bowler Jared Goff reverted to his rookie form and the Rams have looked very mortal, but they’ve had an extra week to get in sync against a very good Dallas defense. This game will be a battle between two of the best running backs in the NFL, Todd Gurley and rushing champ Ezekiel Elliot, and whichever RB has the better day, that team will likely advance to the NFC title game. As much as it pains me to say it, I’m going to pick the Dallas Cowboys to pick up the upset over the LA Rams and make their first NFC Championship game in 23 years. God have mercy on us all.

Prediction: Cowboys

Los Angeles Chargers (12-4) @ New England Patriots (11-5)

After playing a sloppy game against the Baltimore Ravens, the Chargers go on the road once again to take on the defending AFC Champion New England Patriots. The Chargers this year have been dominant on the road, posting an 8-1 record including last week’s playoff win. Their only loss on the road this year in a cross-town showdown against the LA Rams. The Patriots have been undefeated at home this season, despite boasting one of the weakest rosters they’ve had in years. Gronk hasn’t exactly been himself, with his second worst season of his career in terms of catches and yards, and a career low 3 touchdowns. The last time the Pats played the Chargers, the Patriots beat them 24-21. Another statistic, is that none of the remaining AFC QBs have ever beaten Tom Brady, including Philip Rivers, who is 0-7 in his career. The Patriots haven’t lost a home playoff game since 2010. This is the toughest game for the Patriots, because the Chargers have a very explosive offense with guys like Keenan Allen, a still reliable Antonio Gates, and Melvin Gordon. The strength of the Patriots is supposed to be their passing game, but they’re playing a team who can not only match, but out play them through the air. This game won’t be easy by any means, but I’m going to pick the New England Patriots to edge out the Chargers, and make their ninth straight AFC Championship appearance.

Prediction: Patriots

Philadelphia Eagles (9-7) @ New Orleans Saints (13-3)

The legend of Nick Foles continues to grow as the defending Super Bowl Champions scraped out a victory in Soldier Field thanks to Cody Parkey whiffing on a game-winning field goal attempt. Both teams tried to piss the game away, but Nick Foles found his clutch gene and threw a game-winning touchdown pass in the closing seconds. Now they have another tough test ahead of them as they travel down Bourbon Street to take on the #1 seeded Saints. In Week 11, Philly traveled down to the Superdome and were absolutely thrashed, 48-7. As we’ve discovered last year, and last week Nick Foles is a beast in the playoffs, besting the league’s top defense 2 years in a row (Minnesota last year, and Chicago this year). Even with a banged up secondary, the Eagles defense looked solid, but let’s not forget that Chicago didn’t have a top tier offense. Now they’re playing Drew Brees with a banged up secondary. I’m sorry Eagles fans, but the legend ends here for Nick Foles, as the Saints advance on to the NFC Championship.

Prediction: Saints

2019 NFL Wild Card Playoff Predictions

Happy New Year Everyone! The tumultuous time that was the 2018 Regular Season is over, and now it’s time for the “Adult Swim.” Yes, 12 teams remain and will battle it out for a chance at immortality. The road to the Super Bowl just reached its rockiest parts while on the home stretch to the ship. It’s time to see whose season will come to an end this weekend with my predictions for the 2019 Wild Card Weekend.

First, let’s look at the teams that earned a First-Round Bye.

New Orleans Saints (13-3)

The Saints started out the year on a white-hot 8 game winning streak thanks to dominance from Drew Brees and standout running back Alvin Kamara. This season had Drew Brees break Peyton Manning’s passing record, and miss his 13th consecutive 4,000 yard passing season by a mere 8 yards. The Saints defense was middle of the pack, but their offensive dominance and precision more than made up for their defense’s shortcomings. The Saints are poised to make a Super Bowl run, and the road to the Lombardi runs through Bourbon Street. Good luck trying to win in the Superdome.

Saints play the winner of Seattle @ Dallas, or Philadelphia if they win

Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)

For the third straight year the Kansas City Chiefs have won the AFC West, and are the #1 seed in the AFC for the first time since 1997. The Chiefs offense exploded with second year phenom Patrick Mahomes, who went on to throw for 50 TD passes and 5,000 yards in his first year as a starter. The Chiefs are looking dominant, but the playoffs have not exactly been kind to Kansas City. The Chiefs have won only three playoff games in the last TWENTY. FIVE. YEARS. Kansas City hasn’t won a divisional playoff game since Joe Montana was their QB, and that was the only one they’ve won since 1969. Let’s hope that Pat Mahomes can be the guy to finally end their playoff woes and make the Chiefs a superpower again. Hell, he may even be able to end the drought in KC.

Chiefs play the winner of Chargers @ Baltimore, or Indianapolis if they win

Los Angeles Rams (13-3)

The Rams have had two different looks in 2018. Over the first 12 or so games, they were 10-1 and their offense were putting up insane numbers, including 2 instant classics against the Minnesota Vikings and the Kansas City Chiefs (which is the greatest game ever played). Then once December hit, the Rams looked like a very different team. They’ve lost 2 very ugly games to the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles, then won their last 2 games against the Cardinals and Niners, which wasn’t saying much. The Rams get a week of rest, and should get their act together in the playoffs. The Rams have way too much talent to be one and done in the playoffs.

Rams play the winner of Seattle @ Dallas, or Chicago if they win

New England Patriots (11-5)

For the eighth consecutive year, the New England Patriots have earned a First-Round Bye in the playoffs. Pardon me if I sound shocked at this revelation. People are saying that Tom Brady’s in a slump, but he went out and had a surprisingly quiet 4,300 yard passing season. Yes, he threw 11 INTs this year, which is the most he’s thrown for since 2013, but he’s still playing well. The Patriots have been looking mortal on the road. Bizarrely this season, the Patriots were 8-0 at home and 3-5 on the road, and a road playoff game could be the key to beating the Evil Empire. Tom Brady has only played in 6 road playoff games IN HIS CAREER, posting a 3-3 record. Tom hasn’t won a road playoff game since 2006 against an upstart Philip Rivers. In his last 3 road playoff games, he’s lost them all at the hands of his rival Peyton Manning, once in Indy, and twice in Denver. The Patriots have a strong chance of making the AFC Championship, because they could play a Texans team with a bad O-Line, or the Chargers, who have looked mortal recently. Regardless, good luck beating the Pats at home, because the Pats have only lost 5 playoff games at Foxborough, in almost 60 years.

Patriots play the winner of Los Angeles @ Baltimore, or Houston if they win

Last Week’s Score: 14-2

Regular Season Score: 161-95

Now, on with the playoffs!

NFC Wild Card Game: Seattle Seahawks (10-6) @ Dallas Cowboys (10-6)

The Seahawks have had a very quiet 10-6 season, thanks to a surprisingly decent run game, and good defensive play. Like the Cowboys, they were 4-5, then went on a 6-1 run to sneak in the playoffs. Despite their defensive play, the Seahawks have relied on Russell Wilson to carry them to the postseason once again. The Dallas Cowboys have had a very ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ year. At the trade deadline, the Cowboys were 3-5 and everyone thought they were dead in the water. Then, Dallas traded a First-Round pick for Amari Cooper, then went on a 5 game win streak and played like they meant business (aside from a week 16 shutout against the Colts). Dak threw for 3,885 yards this season and really matured as a passer, while Ezekiel Elliot nabbed his second rushing title in three seasons. Although there’s a strong chance of Russell Wilson shenanigans, I’m going to pick the Dallas Cowboys to win their second playoff game in 23 years and move on to play the Saints in a high profile rematch.

Prediction: Cowboys

AFC Wild Card Game: Indianapolis Colts (10-6) @ Houston Texans (11-5)

Nobody thought the Colts would’ve made the playoffs at the beginning of the year. They were 1-5, with bad play on both sides of the ball. Then all of the sudden, Andrew Luck led the Colts on a 9-1 run to finish 10-6 and earn a playoff berth. Now, they go on the road to face a familiar foe in the Houston Texans, who have looked very mortal. Their offensive line has looked really weak, and their defense hasn’t been as dominant as they have been in the past, but still rank 12th overall. This is going to be another tight playoff game, but I’m going to pick Andrew Luck and the Colts to nudge by the Texans, then get ready to get blown out at Arrowhead.

Prediction: Colts

AFC Wild Card Game: Los Angeles Chargers (12-4) @ Baltimore Ravens (10-6)

In a rematch from week 16, the Baltimore Ravens host the Los Angeles Chargers. Both of these teams have turned it on late in the year, especially the Baltimore Ravens. After Joe Flacco hurt his hip, Lamar Jackson took over after the bye week and led the Ravens on a 6-1 record to finish 10-6. They haven’t been throwing the ball a whole lot, but have been just playing old school, smash mouth football. Run the ball down opponent’s throats, and play killer defense. The Chargers have won 5 of their last 6 games, and despite the slump in the run game, Philip Rivers has done more than enough to keep LA alive, and prove that he’s an elite QB. This is going to be a close game, but I’m going to go with the Baltimore Ravens to get the W, and head on to Foxborough.

Prediction: Ravens

NFC Wild Card Game: Philadelphia Eagles (9-7) @ Chicago Bears (12-4)

For the second year in a row, Nick Foles will lead the Philadelphia Eagles into the postseason, and he has a tough test ahead of him on the road against the Chicago Bears. I’m a bit worried for Nick Foles, because he got knocked out of last week’s shutout win over the Redskins, but Doug Pederson says that Foles will play. The Eagles are true underdogs this year, barely squeaking in the playoffs and the question on everyone’s mind is, “can they pull it off again?” They still have many key defensive players from last year, it’s just that the secondary fell off a cliff. Last year, the Eagles had a top 10 unit, this year they rank 23rd, giving up 366.2 yards a game. Now they play the Chicago Bears, who rank 21st offensively, but have the NFL’s 3rd ranked defense. Since the Bears traded for Khalil Mack, the defense immediately got better. Mack has been nothing short of dominant, immediately making the Bears from an afterthought into a playoff team. I sure don’t wanna be Nick Foles right now. He’s going into frigid Chicago, against that defense with banged up ribs. Yeah, this is gonna be ugly. I’m going to pick the Bears to win a tight defensive contest and get ready for a rematch against the LA Rams.

Prediction: Bears


My Wrestling Awards: 2018

2018 was an interesting year for the WWE to say the least. It was full of things we never thought we’d see, like Daniel Bryan returning to the ring, or The Undertaker coming back. 2018 also had its ups, and certainly a lot of downs, but we can look into 2019 with hopes that it’ll be a great year. Last year I wrote my wrestling awards, and I’m looking to keep up the tradition. So without further ado, here are my wrestling awards for 2018.

Superstar of the Year: AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Tommaso Ciampa

Winner: Seth Rollins

While AJ Styles held the WWE Championship for 11 months in 2018, nobody’s had a better 2018 than Seth Rollins. He may have had a slow January, his year kicked off with a monster performance in the Elimination Chamber gauntlet match, wrestling for 65 minutes. He then brought more prestige to the Intercontinental Championship, having barn-burning matches against The Miz, Finn Bálor, Elias, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre for the better part of six months. Rollins would have some more fun with his Shield brothers before Roman left for treatment and Ambrose stabbed him in the back. Seth Rollins is set to have an even bigger 2019, and we should hopefully see him as the Universal Champion soon.

Woman of the Year: Alexa Bliss, Charlotte Flair, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch

Winner: Becky Lynch

Honestly, it couldn’t be anyone other than Becky. It wouldn’t feel right. Becky’s had a slow start to her 2018, with an okay performance in the Rumble, then being on the Mania preshow. She had a good showing in the Women’s MITB ladder match, then SummerSlam happened. After losing to Charlotte, she kicked the crap out of her former friend in a failed attempt at turning Becky heel. Instead, that moment turned Becky into the badass she should have been all along. She won the title at Night of Champions, had a MOTY candidate against Charlotte at Evolution, invaded RAW and had her nose broken, which made her even cooler in the eyes of the fans. Becky Lynch’s sudden rise shows how powerful the fans can be, and that everyone needs to remember who The Man is.

Tag Team of the Year: The Usos, The Bar, The New Day, AOP

Winner: The Bar

The Bar became the second team to win both the RAW and Smackdown tag team titles, and have had great matches against the likes of New Day and the Usos. Yes, they got squashed at WrestleMania, but they’ve bounced back on Smackdown Live, quickly becoming one of the standard bearers of the division. Also, that rap battle was hilarious. They dressed up as Run DMC and parodied Ice Ice Baby. That might be one of the funniest segments of the year. 2019 will look to be a great year for The Bar, and will hopefully be at the forefront of Smackdown Live after the superstar shakeup.

Breakout Star of the Year (Male): Velveteen Dream, Tommaso Ciampa, Drew McIntyre, Buddy Murphy

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Wow Ciampa, what a year you’ve had. He did great heel things like cost his former best friend his job, then would have the feud of the year with that ex friend. He’d go on to win the NXT Title and has had great matches against Johnny Gargano, Velveteen Dream, and Aleister Black. Ciampa also loves to eviscerate people on twitter (seriously, his twitter feed is gold). Whenever Ciampa goes up to the main roster, they better get ready for the best heel champion since CM Punk.

Breakout Star of the Year (Female): “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, Carmella, Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax

Winner: “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey

Ronda may have had one of the best rookie years of all time. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone naturally grasp Pro Wrestling this well since Kurt Angle. She hasn’t had a bad match. One of my favorite Ronda matches this year was at Money in the Bank, because it showed how great she is at selling, and being able to come back. Ronda could have an even better 2019, and be part of the first ever women’s WrestleMania main event.

Comeback of the Year: Tommaso Ciampa, Drew McIntyre, Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio

Winner: Daniel Bryan

I mean come on. Starting the year retired from wrestling, and ending it as WWE Champion. Yes, his return was dull at first thanks to a crappy feud with Big Cass, but it really began to pick up steam thanks to a feud with The Miz, and D-Bry pulling out of Crown Jewel, which allowed him to win the WWE Championship. Yes he turned heel, but I hope that we get a solid 2019 for Bryan, and a decently long title reign.

Feud of the Year: Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe, Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa, and Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair,

Winner: Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa

This feud combined both great action and storytelling. The fans unanimously despised Tommaso Ciampa after he stabbed Johnny Gargano in the back, but we had to wait on the feud while Ciampa recovered from ACL surgery. But once he came back, the fire was lit and wouldn’t stop burning. Each of these matches were brutal, and had something different to bring to the table and told the story of Johnny Gargano’s descent into darkness. The first match was about Johnny getting his job back and revenge on his former friend. The second match was about Johnny going to that dark place after Ciampa threw his wedding ring in the arena. Then the third match, was about Johnny going to that dark place, and it coming back to cost him. Now it seems that a heel DIY reunion is in the works, but we’ll have to see about that in 2019.

WrestleMania Moment of the Year: Daniel Bryan’s Entrance, Undertaker’s return, Asuka’s streak ending, Nakamura’s Heel turn

Winner: Undertaker’s Return

While Daniel Bryan coming back was awesome, and Asuka’s streak snapped was a good shock, nothing made me feel more than hearing that bell toll at WrestleMania 34. I had legitimate goosebumps when the lightning struck the ring and John Cena’s being frozen in terror while The Undertaker made his way to the ring. He crushed John Cena in 3 minutes, but man those were an entertaining 3 minutes. His subsequent feud with Triple H & DX was not, but it was still nice to see The Undertaker avenge the biggest loss of his career.

Potential Breakout Star of 2019 (Men’s): Lars Sullivan, Drew McIntyre, Matt Riddle, and Punishment Martinez

Winner: Lars Sullivan

Drew had an okay 2018, and will have a strong 2019. But I’m giving this nod to Lars Sullivan. Lars Sullivan had a great 2018 in NXT, and it didn’t really get going until the 6 man North American Title Ladder Match at TakeOver: New Orleans, where he murdered everyone in the match. Normally, you wouldn’t think of big dudes in ladder matches, but Lars Sullivan, along with Killian Dain had a coming out party in that match. Lars Sullivan would also go on to challenge Aleister Black at TakeOver Chicago, and was put over as the most dangerous challenger to Black’s NXT Championship. He spent the rest of 2018 killing more people on NXT, and now has his sights set on the main roster. Regardless of which brand he goes to, he should go on a killing spree, and as long as he isn’t ruined by the end of the year, he could be in the world title picture.

Potential Breakout Star of 2019 (Women’s): Ember Moon, Lacey Evans, Nikki Cross, and Candice LeRae

Winner: Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross is awesome. She’s the psychopath on NXT, and will be the missing piece for SAnitY to be whole again. She had an awesome match against Shayna Baszler at TakeOver: Chicago, and was a part of the Gargano-Black feud. Although she had a women’s title match against Becky Lynch on Smackdown in October, whenever Nikki gets called up to the main roster, Smackdown better get ready. Things are about to get a lot crazier.

Promo of the Year: Reigns relinquishes the title (10/22 Raw), Heyman’s interview (8/6 Raw), John Cena calls out Undertaker (3/12 Raw), The Usos “Sideline” promo (2/27 Smackdown), Daniel Bryan announces that he’s cleared (3/20 Smackdown)

Honorable Mention: The Bar vs Usos Rap Battle

Winner: Roman Reigns relinquishes the title (10/22 Raw)

This promo literally shook the Wrestling World, and shattered the fourth wall. Roman Reigns announcing to the world that he was battling leukemia for a second time, was one of the most emotional moments in the past few years. There were people crying, and the people who were booing realized that despite issues with Roman Reigns as a character, Joe Anoi’i as a man is the hero WWE has been looking for. I don’t necessarily agree to have this announcement as a part of a storyline, but I liked that Roman got the chance to tell the world rather than a notification on your phone. This promo was the ultimate babyface turn for Reigns, and whenever he comes back the fans are behind him.

Most disappointing 2018 (Male): Andrade “Cien” Almas, Bray Wyatt, Elias, Rusev

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas

Almas had one of the biggest and sharpest declines of 2018. At the start of the year, he took part in a Meltzer rated 5 star match at NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia, defending his NXT Championship against Johnny Gargano. He lost his NXT Title in another classic at TakeOver: New Orleans, then everything fell apart. He had a great debut against AJ Styles in a losing effort, then got in an underwhelming feud against Rusev and Lana, then disappeared from TV for months. 2019 NEEDS to be the year of Andrade “Cien” Almas. He is a great heel, and a run at the top of the card would do him a lot of good.

Most Disappointing 2018 (Female): Bayley, Asuka, Naomi, Sasha Banks

Winner: Asuka

Sweet Jesus WWE. They had one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world, then they ruin her. She started the year strong. She won the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match, punching her ticket to a dream match against Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania. Then she lost. Yes, just because Mania was in NOLA, another streak had to end and it just so happened that Asuka was undefeated. Then she ate back to back losses to Carmella, and did nothing for 5 months. She may have won the title at TLC, but now 2019 should be all about repairing the damage that happened in 2018.

Shocking Moment of the Year: Daniel Bryan announces he’s cleared (3/20 Smackdown), Undertaker’s entrance at WrestleMania, Roman Reigns announced his leukemia, (10/22 Raw), and Bobby Lashley’s return

Winners: Daniel Bryan getting cleared, and Reigns’ leukemia announcement

I normally don’t do co-winners, but I honestly couldn’t pick between those two. One is in a moment of triumph, finally getting a chance to get back in the ring. Then on the opposite side of the coin, is a moment of tragedy, with Roman Reigns being away for an indefinite amount of time. First, let’s talk about Daniel Bryan. Nobody expected Bryan to be cleared to return, and everyone was overjoyed when ESPN broke the news. The one person who the fans wanted back, is back. And he’s had an okay 2018, but he’s gained back the championship that he’s never lost in a matter of seven months. Now, to take things in a more depressing tone. In October, Roman Reigns announced to the world that his leukemia has returned, and he had to relinquish the WWE Universal Championship. Both of these moments are the most shocking moments in the last few years, and I don’t think anything can top them.

Best Pay-Per-View: Any NXT TakeOver, WWE Evolution, Royal Rumble, WrestleMania 34

Winner: NXT TakeOver: New Orleans

Of all the great pay-per-views that happened this year, I’d have to pick TakeOver: New Orleans. It was a perfect show. The ladder match was an entertaining spotfest full of bone shattering action, and made Lars Sullivan into a star. I mean hitting a Freak Accident onto another person crunched under a ladder speaks for itself. Roderick Strong’s shock heel turn was a great swerve for the fans, and kept Adam Cole protected after a brutal ladder match. Shayna Baszler may have sent Ember Moon out on a sour note, but she’s the most dominant woman in NXT right now, and this match was the start to her 2018 dominance. Aleister Black winning the NXT Championship, one year after his TakeOver debut was the perfect way to cap off his first year in NXT. Then the main event, combined brutal weapon shots, great storytelling, and insane action. Gargano-Ciampa was a great feud in 2018, but now I hope they’d be a better team in 2019.

Worst Pay-Per-View: Backlash, Crown Jewel, Extreme Rules, Fastlane

Winner: Crown Jewel

While Backlash was completely awful and even provided storyline continuity, Crown Jewel should not have happened due to the massive political backlash in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Then the show itself was really, really bad. Nakamura was on the preshow, Brock killing Braun Strowman in like 2 minutes, then SHANE. McMAHON. WON THE BEST IN THE WORLD TOURNAMENT. That was ridiculously stupid. Then there was the clusterf**k that was the main event. Triple H hurt himself and finished the match (huge props to you trips, hope your recovery is going well). Kane got his mask punched off, and it was just a slow, really bad match. It was not fitting the return of the Heartbreak Kid, and could’ve been the last time we got to see Kane, who deserves a much better retirement match.

Worst Match of the Year: DX vs The Brothers of Destruction (Crown Jewel), Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe (Backlash), Triple H vs The Undertaker (Super Show-Down), Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss (Backlash)

Winner: DX vs The Brothers of Destruction (Crown Jewel)

What makes this match truly awful isn’t just how slow, or old the wrestlers looked. It wasn’t the botches or Triple H hurting himself. What is truly damning about this match is that it kicked the legacies of 4 legends to near death. This was a match that was 20 years in the making. Everyone wanted DX to take on the Brothers of Destruction, but once they finally clashed, dear god it shouldn’t have happened. The aforementioned botches, Triple H tearing his pectoral, but still finishing the match because he’s a man, and just The Undertaker and Kane looking like shadows of their former selves. This was a complete waste of Shawn Michaels’ return, and we can only hope that they don’t bring back any other legends for their next Saudi shows.

Match of the Year: Johnny Gargano vs Andrade “Cien” Almas, Gargano-Ciampa Trilogy, Seth Rollins vs The Miz (Backlash), and Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair (Evolution)

Honorable Mentions: Elimination Chamber gauntlet match (2/19 RAW), WarGames Match: Undisputed Era vs Ricochet, Pete Dunne & War Raiders (NXT TakeOver: WarGames), Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs Triple H & Stephanie (WrestleMania), Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair vs Asuka (TLC), Seth Rollins vs Elias (Money in the Bank) Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan (Survivor Series),

Winner: Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa (NXT TakeOver: Chicago)

Honestly, I could’ve picked any of the Gargano-Ciampa TakeOver matches, but this one takes the cake. The action was intense from bell to bell, with no slow point at all throughout the match. There were also some great moments. The fan calling Ciampa the Devil, both men battering each other with weapons, the handcuff spots, and the recreation of Ciampa’s betrayal really tugged at the heartstrings. Tommaso Ciampa spitting on Johnny Gargano’s wedding ring and chucking it across the arena, was one of the biggest acts of heel heat of the year. Ciampa won thanks to a DDT on the exposed ring mat, and honestly was the perfect way to end TakeOver: Chicago. With no music, and the fans’ stunned silence turning into a chorus of boos for Tommaso Ciampa, the best heel in WWE.

2018 NFL Week 17 Predictions

It’s been a long year, but we are finally at the end of the NFL regular season. There aren’t any Saturday or Monday Night Games, meaning only one day to determine the remaining playoff teams. It’s been an entertaining and unexpected regular season, but now it’s time to close out 2018 with a bang. Let’s see who will win and who will go home with my NFL Regular Season Finale Predictions.

Playoff Scenarios


Clinched: Saints (NFC South and Home-Field Advantage), Bears (NFC North), Seahawks (Playoff Berth), Rams (NFC West), Cowboys (NFC East)

Rams clinch First-Round Bye: win/tie OR Bears loss/tie

Bears clinch First-Round Bye: win + Rams loss

Vikings clinch Playoff Berth: win/tie OR Eagles loss/tie

Eagles clinch Playoff Berth: win + Vikings loss

Eliminated Teams: Detroit, Green Bay, Detroit, Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Washington, New York Giants, San Francisco, Arizona


Clinched: Chiefs (Playoff Berth), Chargers (Playoff Berth), Patriots (Playoff Berth), Texans (Playoff Berth)

Chiefs clinch AFC West and Home-Field Advantage throughout the Playoffs: Win OR tie + Chargers loss/tie OR Chargers loss + Patriots loss/ tie + Texans loss/ tie OR Chargers loss + Patriots loss/tie (Chiefs clinch at least a tie in strength of victory tiebreaker over Texans)

Chiefs clinch AFC West and First-Round Bye: Chargers loss + Patriots loss/tie OR Chargers loss + Texans loss/tie OR Chargers loss (Chiefs clinch at least as tie in strength of victory tiebreaker over Texans)

Chiefs clinch AFC West: Chargers loss OR tie + Chargers tie

Chargers clinch AFC West and Home-Field Advantage throughout the Playoffs: win + Chiefs tie OR tie + Chiefs loss

Chargers clinch AFC West: Chiefs loss OR tie + Chiefs tie

Chargers clinch AFC West and First-Round Bye: Chiefs loss + Patriots loss/tie OR Chiefs loss + Texans loss/tie OR Chiefs loss

Patriots clinch Home-Field Advantage throughout the Playoffs: win + Chiefs loss + Chargers loss

Patriots clinch First-Round Bye: win OR tie + Texans loss/tie OR Ravens loss/tie + Texans loss + Titans loss/tie

Texans clinch AFC South and Home-Field Advantage throughout the Playoffs: win + Patriots loss/tie + Chiefs loss + Chargers loss (Texan clinch a tie in a strength of victory tiebreaker over Chiefs)

Texans clinch AFC South and First-Round Bye: win + Patriots loss/tie OR win + Chiefs loss + Chargers loss (Texans clinch in a strength of victory over Ravens) OR tie + Patriots loss OR Colts-Titans tie + Patriots loss + Ravens win (Texans clinch a tie in strength of victory tiebreaker over Ravens)

Texans clinch AFC South: win/tie OR Colts-Titans tie

Ravens clinch AFC North and a First-Round Bye: win + Patriots loss + Texans loss + Colts-Titans doesn’t end in a tie OR win + Patriots loss + Texans loss (Ravens clinch in a strength of victory tiebreaker over Texans)

Ravens clinch AFC North: win OR Steelers loss OR tie + Steelers tie

Ravens clinch a Playoff Berth: Chargers tie + Chiefs loss

Colts clinch AFC South: win + Texans loss

Colts clinch Playoff Berth: win

Titans clinch AFC South: win + Texans loss

Titans clinch Playoff Berth: win

Steelers clinch AFC North: win + Ravens loss/tie OR tie + Ravens loss

Steelers clinch Playoff Berth: win + Colts-Titans tie

Eliminated Teams: Cleveland, Cincinatti, Jacksonville, Miami, Buffalo, New York Jets, Oakland, Denver

Now with the picks!

Last Week’s Score: 11-5

Overall Score: 147-93

Jacksonville Jaguars (5-10) @ Houston Texans (10-5)

The Jacksonville Jaguars are terrible. They’ve lost 9 of their last 11 games, and things aren’t looking much better because they’re playing the Texans, who still don’t have the AFC South on lock. The Texans need to win this game if they’re going to win their division, but they also need a tie in the Colts-Titans game.

Prediction: Texans

New York Jets (5-10) @ New England Patriots (10-5)

Sam Darnold’s rookie year has been a bust. Although he’s missed a few games because he got hurt, he’s tied for Big Ben for the lead in picks with 15. Now they head to Foxborough, Mass for their bi-annual mugging at the hands of Tom Brady and the Patriots. This game won’t be pretty.

Prediction: Patriots

Dallas Cowboys (9-6) @ New York Giants (5-10)

The Dallas Cowboys have officially clinched the NFC East after teabagging the Bucs, winning their third NFC East Championship in five years. We’ll see if they can make it past their first game though. The Giants have lost two straight games after slaughtering the Redskins, and things aren’t looking too good for the G-Men. Cowboys-Giants games are always close, and this game will look to be a battle between two of the NFL’s top running backs in Zeke and Saquon. I’m going to go with Dallas to beat the Giants, and potentially end Eli’s career on a bad note.

Prediction: Cowboys

Atlanta Falcons (6-9) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-10)

The Buccaneers crapped the bed against the Dallas Cowboys, once again putting up lots of yards, but not a lot of points. Thanks Tampa, you gave Cowboys fans a reason to be arrogant tools for a year. The Falcons have had a good season when it comes to offense, but their injuries on defense wound up costing them big time. I’m going to pick the Falcons to eviscerate Tampa’s bad defense, and end the season on a high note.

Prediction: Falcons

Detroit Lions (5-10) @ Green Bay Packers (6-8-1)

The Packers should’ve lost to the Jets last week, but A-Rod decided he wasn’t having any of it, throwing for more than 400 yards and 2 rushing TDs. The Lions have been awful this year, losing 2 straight games, including a humiliating loss to the Minnesota Vikings. In what has truly been a let-down for both of these teams, I’m going to pick the Packers to beat the Lions and finish what has been an awful year.

Prediction: Packers

Carolina Panthers (6-9) @ New Orleans Saints (13-2)

NOLA may bench their starters after they’ve clinched the #1 seed, but The Panthers collapsed after putting in Taylor Henicke. Even if the Saints don’t play their starters, they’re still winning this game thanks to a phenomenal showing from Taysom Hill and Teddy Bridgewater. Taylor Henicke isn’t going to win in the Superdome.

Prediction: Saints

Miami Dolphins (7-8) @ Buffalo Bills (5-10)

A battle between two eliminated AFC East rivals to close out the year could be a good game, but the Dolphins and Bills are two teams that have bad defenses, and inconsistent passers. The season’s been a loss for both of these squads, especially the Dolphins, who after a 4-2 start, went on to win 3 of their last 9. The Bills season has been awful. Nathan Peterman opened the year as the starter, and when Allen eventually took over, he got injured and missed several key games, which made Buffalo’s season even worse. I’m going to pick the Bills to end their season on a high note thanks to a dominant rushing performance from Josh Allen.

Prediction: Bills

Los Angeles Chargers (11-4) @ Denver Broncos (6-9)

The Chargers may have crapped the bed against the Ravens last week, but they have a chance to secure the AFC’s #1 seed. The Broncos got a bad Christmas present when they got humiliated by Jon Gruden’s Raiders on Monday Night Football. I’m going to pick the Chargers to win this game in dominant fashion, and do their best to secure the top seed.

Prediction: Chargers

Arizona Cardinals (3-12) @ Seattle Seahawks (9-6)

The Seahawks are back in the playoffs thanks to a surprisingly strong run game, and a good defense, and they just knocked off Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs in what was a season defining win. Now they host the Cardinals, who currently have secured the #1 overall pick, and the services of Nick Bosa. Since they have the #1 pick, they might as well preserve the tank by letting Seattle run all over them.

Prediction: Seahawks

Philadelphia Eagles (8-7) @ Washington Redskins (7-8)

Why the hell did the Redskins cut DJ Swearinger? I get that he made critical comments, but so did Mason Foster and he’s a frickin captain. I would understand suspending DJ, but not outright cutting him. He’s a hell of a player, and was the leader of a Redskins defense that can’t tackle. Now they host the Philadelphia Eagles, who need to win this game and the Vikings to lose in order to sneak into the playoffs. The Eagles shouldn’t have any problem whatsoever in dispatching of the NFL’s perennial infirmary.

Prediction: Eagles

San Francisco 49ers (4-11) @ Los Angeles Rams (12-3)

The Rams aren’t losing this game. The Niners may have given them a scare last year because they rested their starters, but the Rams have a chance for a First-Round bye. Even if Todd Gurley doesn’t play, the Rams shouldn’t have a problem here.

Prediction: Rams

Oakland Raiders (4-11) @ Kansas City Chiefs (11-4)

Pat isn’t going to sit because the Chiefs have a chance to get Home-Field Advantage. Not only will Pat hit 5000 yards, but he’ll throw for at least 4 TDs in the first half in what will be a bloodbath.

Prediction: Chiefs

Cleveland Browns (7-7-1) @ Baltimore Ravens (9-6)

The Cleveland Browns have had a great season, and if they hadn’t kept Hue Jackson and fired him after their 0-16 campaign, they could be in contention to win the AFC North. Instead, they could potentially play spoiler for the Ravens. This is a dream matchup between two Heisman Trophy winning QBs in Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson. It’ll be an entertaining game, and will be down to the wire. I’m going to pick the Ravens to edge out the Browns and get in the playoffs.

Prediction: Ravens

Cincinatti Bengals (6-9) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (8-6-1)

After losing to Saints last week, the Steelers now have a chance to miss the playoffs. However, they’re playing the Bengals. The Steelers always have the Bengals’ number, and since the Bengals have Jeff Driskel, this should be a walk in the park for the Steelers.

Prediction: Steelers

Chicago Bears (9-6) @ Minnesota Vikings (8-6-1)

The Bears have a chance to get a First-Round bye, and the Vikings NEED to win this game to get into the playoffs, but they host the dominant Chicago Bears. It’s kinda crazy how everyone had these teams completely wrong, myself included. Before trading for Khalil Mack, everyone had the Bears written off, and had the Vikings as a Super Bowl favorite after signing free agent star QB Kirk Cousins. This is going to be a tough pill to swallow for Vikings fans, because the Bears are going to win this game thanks to their dominant defense.

Prediction: Bears

Sunday Night Football: Indianapolis Colts (9-6) @ Tennessee Titans (9-6)

Just a couple of months ago, everyone had the Colts and Titans written off. Now they have a chance to punch their playoff ticket, and a division crown to boot. The Titans have won their fourth straight game, barely escaping a crippled Redskins team. The Colts beat the New York Giants The winner of this game could not only get a playoff spot, but win the AFC South as long as Houston loses. I’m going to pick the Colts to pick up the W over a mediocre Titans squad and end their season.

Prediction: Colts


2018 NFL Week 16 Predictions

Christmas time is here, and we only have one extra week of the NFL regular season before the playoffs start. The race for the wild card is still on, and there could be five division champions that are crowned this weekend, and the playoff brackets almost set. Let’s see which teams stay alive with my NFL Week 16 predictions.

Playoff Scenarios


Saints Clinch Home-Field Advantage: with win, OR tie + Los Angeles Rams loss/tie OR Chicago loss/tie + Los Angeles Rams loss

Saints Clinch First-Round Bye: with tie, OR Chicago loss/tie, OR Los Angeles Rams loss

Los Angeles Rams Clinch First Round-Bye: with win + Chicago loss, OR tie + Chicago loss

Cowboys Clinch NFC East: with win, or tie + Washington loss/tie + Philadelphia loss/tie, or Philadelphia + Washington loss

Cowboys Clinch Playoff Berth: with tie + Minnesota loss/tie

Seahawks Clinch Playoff Berth: win + Washington loss/tie, OR win/tie + Minnesota loss, OR win + Minnesota tie (Seattle clinches due to strength of schedule over Minnesota), OR tie + Washington loss/tie + Philadelphia loss/tie

Vikings Clinch Playoff Berth: win + Philadelphia loss/tie + Washington loss

Eliminated Teams: Green Bay, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, New York Giants, Detroit, San Francisco, Arizona


Chiefs Clinch AFC West and a First-Round Bye: with win + Los Angeles Chargers loss

Chiefs Clinch Home-Field Advantage: with win + Los Angeles Chargers loss + Houston loss/tie, OR win + Los Angeles Chargers loss (Chiefs clinch due to strength of schedule over LA)

Texans Clinch AFC South: with win/tie OR Indianapolis loss/tie + Tennessee loss/tie

Texans Clinch First-Round Bye: with win + New England loss/tie, OR tie + New England loss

Texans Clinch Playoff Berth: Baltimore loss/tie, OR Pittsburgh loss, OR Tennessee loss/tie (Houston clinches due to strength of schedule over Baltimore)

Patriots Clinch AFC East: win/tie, OR Miami loss

Steelers Clinch AFC North: win + Baltimore loss/tie, OR tie + Baltimore loss

Steelers Clinch Playoff Berth: win + Indianapolis loss + Tennessee loss

Eliminated Teams: Denver, New York Jets, Cincinatti, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Oakland

Now with the picks!

Last Week’s Score: 8-8

Overall Score: 135-88

Saturday Football: Washington Redskins (7-7) @ Tennessee Titans (8-6)

The Redskins won last week? The Jags must be worse than I thought. Josh Johnson may have won one game this year, I still don’t think they’ll win again. It’s time for Tennessee to mercifully end Washington’s season, and keep their own playoff hopes alive.

Prediction: Titans

Saturday Night Football: Baltimore Ravens (8-6) @ Los Angeles Chargers (11-3)

Lamar Jackson has been named the permanent starter, and after a close win against the Bucs, they have to win out in order to maintain playoff hopes. Their problem is that they’re playing the white-hot Chargers, who just dethroned the Chiefs, completely shaking up the top of the AFC playoff bracket. I’m going to pick the LA Chargers to win in a close game, because despite them not having Melvin Gordon, Philip Rivers has been nigh unstoppable this year.

Prediction: Chargers

Cincinatti Bengals (6-8) @ Cleveland Browns (6-7-1)

The Browns can still make the playoffs, they just need a mountain of shenanigans. They’ve been dominant since they’ve fired Hue Jackson, winning four of their past six games. The Bengals on the other hand, have completely collapsed, snapping their five game losing streak against the Raiders. Well, get ready to lose again Cincy, and the Browns will have some hope in making the playoffs.

Prediction: Browns

Jacksonville Jaguars (4-10) @ Miami Dolphins (7-7)

The Jags lost to a QB who has never won a game, or started an NFL game in seven years. SEVEN. YEARS. Jesus Christ, the Jags are so bad. They need to fire Bortles into the Gulf of Mexico and start fresh. The Dolphins, after upsetting the Patriots, got teabagged into annihilation by the Vikings. The Jags are going to keep on tanking, and I’m going to pick the Miami Dolphins to beat Jacksonville and keep their playoff hopes alive.

Prediction: Dolphins

Atlanta Falcons (5-9) @ Carolina Panthers (7-7)

It looks like the Panthers have given up on the season, with the team shutting down QB Cam Newton for the remainder of the season, meaning Taylor Henicke is the starting QB. Who is that? Nobody knows. The Falcons are taking this one.

Prediction: Falcons

Minnesota Vikings (7-6-1) @ Detroit Lions (5-9)

After firing their offensive coordinator, the Vikings demolished Miami, with a strong game from Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cook. Minnesota still needs some shenanigans to get in the post season, and all they need to do on their part is win against their rival Lions. The Lions barely beat Tampa Bay, and the Lions’ disappointing season continues. I’m going to pick the Vikings to pick up this win, because they’re a better team than the Lions despite the closeness of record.

Prediction: Vikings

Buffalo Bills (5-9) @ New England Patriots (9-5)

The Patriots lost to the Steelers last week, which all but confirms their first wild card game since 2009. The Patriots are still a good team, but now they’re looking mortal, and Father Time is starting to catch up to Tommy Boy. The Bills narrowly beat the Detroit Lions, eliminating Detroit from playoff contention. The Bills have given New England fits in the past, and they have trouble against dual threat QBs. Josh Allen is going to keep it close with some shenanigans, but I’m going to take the safe bet and pick the New England Patriots to win the AFC East for the 10th straight year.

Prediction: Patriots

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-9) @ Dallas Cowboys (8-6)

In what will be another “win and in” game for the Cowboys, they host the Bucs after getting shut out for the first time in 15 years. Against the Colts. I know the Colts are rolling, but c’mon. Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliot, and that defense should’ve given Luck nightmares. Instead, the Boys crapped the bed, which made me laugh really hard. The Bucs lost a narrow game to the Ravens, but what’s crazy is that they have a top five offense, but still can’t win games. Their defense is bad, and their QBs throw too many picks to win games. I’m going to pick the Cowboys to finally win the NFC East, and punch their ticket to a home playoff game.

Prediction: Cowboys

Green Bay Packers (5-8-1) @ New York Jets (4-10)

How in the hell are the Packers tanking? Not only did their winning streak against Chicago end, but they’re officially eliminated from playoff contention. What makes this even sadder is that they’re tanking WITH A-ROD. That’s what they get for putting all their eggs in one Aaron Rodgers basket. But they’re playing the Jets, and we all know that the Jets are sadsacks and godawful. I’m going to pick the Packers to win a close game thanks to A-Rod shenanigans.

Prediction: Packers

Houston Texans (10-4) @ Philadelphia Eagles (7-7)

How on Earth did the Eagles beat the Rams? With a Super Bowl MVP backup quarterback that’s how. With Carson’s back injury, the Eagles have shut him down for the rest of the year, meaning that The Eagles are underdogs to make the playoffs. I’m not saying that Nick Foles shenanigans are going to happen, but I’m saying it’s possible. However, they have a tough opponent in the Houston Texans, who are still trying to lock up the AFC South. This is going to be an offensive cake walk for Deshaun Watson, as the Texans cruise their way to a win, and eliminating Philly from playoff contention.

Prediction: Texans

New York Giants (5-9) @ Indianapolis Colts (8-6)

The Colts shutout the Cowboys last week, and the Giants were shutout by the Titans in the same week. Now, the Giants are playing their second consecutive AFC South opponent. The Colts should steamroll over the Giants, and that’s exactly what’ll happen thanks to a strong performance from Andrew Luck.

Prediction: Colts

Los Angeles Rams (11-3) @ Arizona Cardinals (3-11)

I know the Rams look mortal, but need I go on here?

Prediction: Rams

Chicago Bears (10-4) @ San Francisco 49ers (4-10)

The Bears have won the NFC North, and have a chance to get a first round bye, which is just like what happened when they last went to the playoffs. The Bears have been steamrolling over everyone, and their defense is something to be feared. The Niners have surprisingly upset the Seattle Seahawks, and host the Bears this weekend. The Bears defense is going to have a field day on San Fran’s woeful offensive line, and coast their way to a win.

Prediction: Bears

Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5-1) @ New Orleans Saints (12-2)

The Steelers have ended their losing streak after beating the Pats, but now are on the road to New Orleans. Oh dear. The Steelers defense rank third in sacks, and need to get pressure on Drew Brees if they’re going to have a chance in this game. The Saints narrowly beat the Panthers in a huge defensive showdown, and now have a chance to nab home-field advantage, while the Steelers try not to miss the playoffs. This game is going to be an offensive battle, with James Conner and Alvin Kamara playing a game of one-ups manship. Unfortunately for Steeler Nation, they aren’t gonna win this game. I’m going to pick New Orleans to win, and do their best to lock up the #1 seed.

Prediction: Saints

Sunday Night Football: Kansas City Chiefs (11-3) @ Seattle Seahawks (8-6)

2 hungry teams coming off of a loss are about to clash on Sunday Night Football. The Chiefs were beaten by the Chargers, making their grip on the AFC even weaker. Which goes to show, that you can have the highest powered offense, but your defense has to get at least a couple of stops. It can even be on accident. The Seahawks got beat by the Niners in what was a shocking upset, but Seattle still has some shenanigans to make the playoffs. But this game will most likely eliminate them, as the Chiefs annihilate the Seahawks, and get Pat Mahomes closer to 5,000 passing yards in his first year as a starter.

Prediction: Chiefs

Christmas Eve Monday Night Football: Denver Broncos (8-6) @ Oakland Raiders (3-11)

The Raiders signed QB Nathan Peterman. With how bad the Raiders are tanking, that doesn’t surprise me at all. Knowing Jon Gruden this year, he’ll name Peterman the starting QB next year. The Raiders got humiliated by the Bengals, and that is absolutely sad. Now they host their division rival Broncos, who were annihilated by the Browns last Saturday night. The only thing these teams are fighting for is draft position, so I’m going to pick Denver to demolish Oakland, because nobody quite knows the art of tanking like The Raiders.

Prediction: Broncos

WWE TLC 2018 Review

The final pay-per-view of 2018 was an alright show. The action picked up a lot towards the end, but still doesn’t change the fact that TLC was okay for the most part. New champs were crowned, including the Asuka finally being coronated as champion. Who else got a healthy dose of tables, ladders, and chairs? Let’s find out with my review for WWE TLC 2018.

Prediction Score: 7-5

Preshow: Cruiserweight Championship Match: Buddy Murphy (c) def. Cedric Alexander to retain the Cruiserweight Championship

I knew this match was on the preshow. The match started out with some flips and leg hooks, but Cedric used his speed to avoid Buddy’s power, but Buddy dropped Alexander out of the ring with a stiff knee to the side of the head. Murphy held Alexander down with some rest holds, but Alexander picked up the pace to regain momentum. Buddy Murphy almost retained thanks to a handful of tights, but Cedric’s perseverance kept him in the match. Murphy hit a superkick/powerbomb combo from the corner, but it wasn’t enough to retain. Cedric dropped the champion on the apron and hit the Lumbar Check, but Murphy’s foot hit the rope. Murphy threw Cedric in to the turnbuckle, then hit Murphy’s Law to retain the title.

Guitar Ladder Match: Elias def. Bobby Lashley

So, instead of using it as a weapon, you just win the match when you grab the guitar. Lashley used his power to gain early control, before using a ladder to gain control over the “Almighty” Bobby Lashley. He may be big and strong, but he’s not a God Maggle. Lio Rush distracted Elias from climbing the ladder, then Lashley regained the upper hand. Lashley hit a move on a ladder, which hit Elias in what was a funny spot. Lashley climbed a ladder, but Elias knocked him down after he threw a ladder at Lashley. In one of my favorite spots of the night, Bobby hit a belly to belly throw onto one of the ladders, then proceeded to pummel Elias in the corner. Elias hit a powerbomb onto a ladder, while Maggle called it a spinebuster. Elias climbed the ladder and got his guitar, but Lio Rush interfered before Elias could use it. Lio hit a frog splash, then Lashley cracked the guitar over Elias’ back.

Mixed Match Finals where the winning team gains the #30 spot in their respective Royal Rumble Matches: The Fabulous Truth (R-Truth & Carmella) def. Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal

Apparently they also got a free vacation along with their #30 spots. Truth and Jinder started out the match, and not a whole lot before a tag got made to Carmella, and then the dance break started. Carmella and Alicia Fox fought for a little bit, then Truth distracted Foxy, and Carmella hit a superkick to Alicia Fox and the Singhs. Foxy tried to roll up Carmella, but she countered with the Code of Silence to pick up the win. Truth is probably going to enter the Women’s Rumble, because he’s an idiot.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships: The Bar (c) def. The Usos and The New Day to retain the Smackdown Tag Team Championships

I think it’s weird that in a triple threat tag team match, only two people start out the match, completely isolating one of the teams. Kofi and Sheamus start the match out early. Kofi used his agility to get the upper hand on Sheamus, but the Usos came in and beat everyone up. Cesaro countered a Jey Uso suicide dive with an uppercut, and The Barr begin to dissect Xavier Woods with constant tags and power moves. Woods hits the Honor Roll, but Sheamus took out the Usos and prevented Xavier from making a tag. Woods hung Sheamus up on the top rope, and Xavier finally made the tag to Kofi, and he goes on a tear, and hit Cesaro with a new Day Boom Drop. Cesaro countered a Trouble in Paradise, and The Usos tagged themselves in. The legal men are Jimmy Uso and Kofi, and The Usos superkick everyone in the match. Cesaro managed to tag himself in the match, and locked the Sharpshooter in on Kofi, moving to the center of the ring. Kofi dodges a Brogue Kick, and Koi hits a Trouble in Paradise, then Xavier hit an elbow drop from the top, but the Usos and Cesaro broke up the pin. Kofi jumped off the top rope and took everyone out, but then Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick to retain the tag team titles.

TLC Match: If Baron Corbin wins, he becomes permanent General Manager of RAW. If Braun Strowman wins, he gets a Universal Championship Match at the Royal Rumble and Baron Corbin is stripped of his power: Braun Strowman def. Baron Corbin and will get a Universal Title Match, and Corbin is fired

Out comes GM Elect Baron Corbin, and he cuts a promo talking about how he listens to the fans complaints, then tells the fans to get used to it. Heath Slater begins the 10 count. Heath gets to a count of 7, then out comes Braun Strowman with his arm in a sling. Braun cuts a promo saying that he’s got a buddy to help him, and it’d be perfectly legal in a TLC match. Is it Bray Wyatt? No, it’s Apollo Crews, the Tag Team Champions Bobby Roode and Chad Gable, and Finn Bálor, all armed with chairs. Corbin orders Heath to ban them from ringside, but Slater lays out Corbin and everyone hits Baron with chairs. Corbin goes up the ramp, but Kurt Angle grabs a chair and pummels Baron Corbin back to the ring. Roode and Gable hit a moonsault neckbreaker, Crews hits a frog splash, and then Kurt Angle hits an Angle Slam. Finn hits the Coup de Grace, and Braun pins Baron Corbin to win the TLC Match.

Tables Match: Natalya def. Ruby Riott

The Riott Squad came out with a table that has Jim Neidhart’s fathead on it, and Natty starts off very aggressive, with the Riott Squad on the outside of the ring playing mind games with Natty. Natalya tried to hit a German Suplex off the apron, but Ruby countered. Natty tried to ram Ruby through the table, but Liv Morgan takes the bullet for Ruby, as she crashed through a table on the outside. Natalya continues her aggression, even calling Ruby Riott a bitch. Natalya tried to go for a powerbomb, but Ruby escaped, and Natty put Sarah Logan through a table, making it 1 v 1. Ruby uses the Jim Neidhart table to play mind games with Natalya, saying that The Anvil was ashamed of her. They both almost put each other through the table, then Natalya locked in the Sharpshooter, and Ruby made the table fall on Natalya in order to escape. Ruby set up the table, but Natalya put Ruby up on her shoulders, and hit an electric chair. Natalya grabs a table with a fathead of Ruby Riott on it, and grabbed her dad’s Hart Foundation jacket. Ruby superkicked Natalya, then propped Natalya on a table, but Natty reversed and put Ruby on the table. Before she could go off the top, Ruby tried to hit a head scissor, but Natalya countered with a powerbomb, and put Ruby through it Bubba Ray style.

Finn Bálor def. Drew McIntyre

Hey Finn, long time no see. Drew uses his power to ground Finn, but Bálor tried to chop the big guy down to size. Finn hits a chop block to Drew’s knee, but Drew continues to use brute kicks and chops, before Finn continues to stomp on Drew’s leg. Drew grams Finn once he went up top, and countered with a belly to belly throw, and hammered down punches. Finn tried to hit a sunset flip, but Drew counters and throws Finn across the ring again. Finn hits a forearm and uses his speed to get an advantage over the Scottish Terminator. Finn tried to hit the Shotgun Dropkick, but Drew caught him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Finn counters the Reverse Alabama Slam with a roll-up, and tried to go up top, but Drew prevents it thanks to some chops. Drew hits a mid-rope White Noise, but Finn kicked out. Finn trapped McIntyre in the apron, and rained down some stomps, but Drew slammed Finn on the apron, and hit the Glasgow Kiss Headbutt, dropping Bálor like a heap. Dolph Ziggler hit a superkick to McIntyre, but Drew kicked the chair in Dolph’s face and Finn hit a shotgun Dropkick, and Coup de Grace to pick up the win over Drew McIntyre.

Chairs Match: Rey Mysterio def. Randy Orton

Rey Mysterio was the first person to grab a chair, and Rey is pelting the Viper with the chair. Rey got caught up, and Randy Orton begins to tee off with a chair. Orton tried a suplex on the Apron, but Rey counters and kicks Randy’s feet out from under him. Rey hits a baseball slide while riding a chair like a sled to the outside, and continues to wear Randy down. Rey tried hit a seated senton from the apron, but missed and hit a chair instead. Randy clears off the Smackdown Live announce table, and gently places a chair on top of it, slamming Rey face first. Randy sets up a chair in the corner, and Rey sent him shoulder first thanks to a hurricanrana. Randy immediately counters with a quick powerslam. Rey almost hit a 619, but Randy countered. Rey tried to do a springboard move, but Randy countered by chucking a chair at him. Rey managed to hit a 619, but Randy took Rey’s leg out before he could fly. Randy slams Rey’s face into a chair he had propped up in the corner twice, then tried to hit an RKO onto a row of chairs, and Rey beat Randy Orton thanks to a roll-up, leaving a very irate Randy Orton in the ring.

RAW Women’s Championship Match: “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey (c) def. Nia Jax to retain the RAW Women’s Championship

Ronda used her quickness early to get the better of Nia Jax, and used her kicks to chop her down. Ronda tried to lock in the armbar early, but Nia countered with a powerbomb, allowing Nia to take over with her power, and smashed Ronda Rousey’s shoulder into the ring post. Ronda locked in a guillotine, but Nia used her power to counter, and slam the champion into the ring post. Nia locks in a Cobra Clutch, and Ronda counters a powerbomb with a hurricanrana, and hit a crossbody to the outside of the ring. Ronda hit some rights and lefts, a step up knee and a step up elbow, but it wasn’t enough to keep Nia down. Nia counters a crossbody attempt with a Samoan Drop, but Ronda kicked out. Nia tried a midrope Samoan Drop, but got countered into an awesome Sunset Flip Powerbomb. Tamina distracts Rousey, and Nia tried to hit a right hand, but got countered into a twisting armbar to give Ronda the win, and a title retention.

WWE Championship Match: The New Daniel Bryan (c) def. AJ Styles to retain the WWE Championship

Bryan rolls outside the ring and jogs in place, and played mind games with the former champion. Styles starts to get aggressive with chops in the corner, and driving his shoulder into his ribs. Styles hit a dropkick and sent D-Bry to the outside. Styles went for a forearm smash, but got caught with a kick instead. Bryan sent AJ in to the barricade before dissecting AJ in the ring, hitting AJ with knees again and again to AJ’s spine before locking in a submission. Bryan hits AJ with chops in the corner, before Styles retaliates with chops of his own, then Bryan attacked the ribs. Bryan kicks AJ while he’s down, attacking AJ’s ribs with kicks, sending the Phenomenal One outside the ring. AJ pummels Bryan in the corner, but Bryan comes back with a drop toe hold into the corner, and hit his corner dropkicks, then AJ countered with a huge lariat. AJ throws Bryan into the ring post, and Bryan runs right into an Ushigaroshi. Bryan counters a Moonsault Reverse DDT with a bunch of knees to the face, then a suplex. Bryan hit the “YES” kicks, then tried to hit a suplex but AJ countered with a head kick. Bryan countered a Phenomenal Forearm with a kick, before AJ started to pick apart Bryan’s left leg with kicks and chop blocks. Bryan hit a hurricanrana, but AJ countered into the clash, but transitioned into a half Boston Crab. Right before Bryan was going to reach the rope, AJ dragged Bryan to the middle of the ring, and countered with the LeBell Lock. Bryan and Styles exchange strikes before AJ hit a springboard 450, but it wasn’t enough to take down the champ. Styles locked in the calf crusher in the middle of the ring while Bryan is writhing in pain, but Bryan wriggles to the bottom rope. Bryan threw AJ into the timekeeper’s area, but AJ caught himself and hit a Phenomenal Forearm on the outside. AJ tried to hit another Phenomenal Forearm, but D-Bry rolled out of the way, and tried to hit the knee. AJ rolled Bryan up, but Bryan reversed it and got the W over the phenomenal challenger.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Dean Ambrose def. Seth Rollins (c) to win the Intercontinental Championship

I like the siren that plays during Bane Ambrose’s entrance, and Dean wearing the snake pin on his jacket. Corey Graves keeps pushing Renee’s relationship with her husband, which is pretty awkward. Dean Ambrose Rollins shoves Ambrose, then takes Ambrose down, and begins to quicken the pace right out the gate. Ambrose takes control, throwing Seth Rollins into the announce table and clubbing Seth down with rest holds and near falls. Dean throw Rollins in the corner, and beat him down with lariats and an elbow. Rollins goes for a clothesline and Dean counters with a neckbreaker, and hit constant covers on Rollins. Dean plays mind games with Seth, and pummels him with rights and lefts. Dean locks in a cloverleaf, but Rollins gets to the rope. Rollins hits a legdrop across the back of the neck, but Ambrose counters a suicide dive with a straight right. Rollins tried to go for a buckle bomb, but his leg gave out. Rollins hits 2 rapid fire suicide dives. Seth tried to go for a sunset flip, but his knee gave out, but he managed to hit a bucklebomb anyway. Seth hit a kick to the gut, but Ambrose followed up with a kick of his own. The two former brothers exchanged a series of strikes, then took each other with a clothesline. Dean went up top, but Seth tried to meet him. Seth’s knee gave out again. Dean tried to go for Dirty Deeds, but Seth’s knee gave out again. In an act of resilience, Seth hit a ripcord knee, but Dean kicked out. Seth hit the Superplex/Falcon Arrow combo, but Dean still kicked out. Seth tried to hit a superkick, but Dean offered the shield fistbump, but that sent Seth Rollins in a rage, hitting a bucklebomb into the barricade. Seth slapped Ambrose, calling him a POS, then tried to hit the stomp and hit Dirty Deeds, allowing Dean to capture the Intercontinental Championship.

Triple Threat TLC Match for the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship: Asuka def. Becky Lynch (c) and Charlotte Flair to FINALLY become the new Smackdown Live Women’s Champion

Asuka goes ham on Charlotte and Becky, pummeling them with brutal strikes and kicks because Becky and Charlotte were bickering. Becky hits Asuka with knees to the back of her head, and begins to pummel the Empress of Tomorrow in the corner before Charlotte takes them both out. Charlotte and Asuka grab ladders while Becky grabs a table. Charlotte is choking Asuka, then Charlotte and Asuka start fighting. Asuka throws Becky onto a ladder. Asuka and Charlotte climb a ladder, with Asuka powerbombing Charlotte through a table. Asuka takes out Becky, then Charlotte hits Asuka with a chair and takes everyone out with a moonsault. Now it’s Becky’s turn to go ham with a chair, hitting Asuka 7 times before Charlotte kicks it out of her hands. Becky grabs a big ladder, and hits a legdrop onto Charlotte through the announce table. Asuka is all alone in the middle of the ring, and climbs the ladder, only for Becky to meet her there. Charlotte came from out of nowhere and went ham on everyone thanks to a Kendo Stick. Becky hits a Becksploder onto a table, then Asuka went ham with a kendo stick, only for Charlotte to hit a spear through a barricade. Meanwhile, Becky climbs the ladder and Charlotte brings her down. Then the two former best friends start fighting, with Becky throwing Charlotte into the ladder, and fighting on the outside. Charlotte hit a Swanton Bomb through a table, and Charlotte makes the climb, only for Asuka to come from out of nowhere and attack Charlotte on top of the ladder. Becky grabs another ladder on the other side, and Asuka falls. Charlotte and Becky fight on top of the ladders, only for Ronda Rousey to make her way to the ring, and push the ladder, turning heel in the process, hand delivering the Smackdown Women’s Championship to Asuka.

Match of the Night: Charlotte vs Becky vs Asuka

The Triple Threat TLC main event was one of the best matches of the year, and will go down as one of the best Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches of all time. The action was fantastic from start to finish. Ronda coming out to cost Becky the match was a good way to set up their WrestleMania feud, and ASUKA IS FINALLY CHAMPION. 8 months too late, but I’m excited that she’s champion.

Overall Review

The cruiserweight title match was a decent and quick match, even garnering a 205 Live chant. It was a very good match, and honestly should’ve been on the main show. Surprisingly, the Guitar Ladder Match was also on the preshow, and it was okay. Nothing great, just okay. It’s awesome that Elias won, but in the end he still was looking up at the lights because Lashley had to keep his heat. The MMC finals happened, and honestly you could’ve no watched this match and didn’t miss a thing. The Triple Threat Tag match was very entertaining, full of crisp action and great showings from all 3 teams. Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin was basically a mugging, and with the help of Kurt Angle and some other people, Braun gets his title match against Brock Lesnar at the Rumble, and Corbin is fired. The tables match was okay, with lots of storytelling hinting on Jim Neidhart’s death, but it was a nice moment to see Natty wearing her dad’s jacket and shades picking up a very personal win. The Finn Bálor-McIntyre match was one of the better match of the night. What kinda ruined it for me, was Dolph Ziggler giving the win to Finn. The story telling in the match was Finn overcoming Drew’s power, and cutting the giant down to size. The whole thing with Dolph, was Dolph doing Finn a favor because Finn helped Dolph, but it looks like they’re gonna feud instead. The Chairs match between Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio was meh. I didn’t care for the match. The RAW Women’s title match was also good, with Ronda once again showing how great her selling is. Then, backstage Becky Lynch kicked the crap out of Nia Jax because she was collecting debts when The Man comes around. The action picked up with the last 3 matches of the night, starting with the WWE Championship. AJ and Bryan wrestled their best match of the year, and was one of the best matches of the night from a pure in-ring standpoint. The roll-up finish keeps this feud going, which honestly shouldn’t. Bryan needs a new opponent for the Royal Rumble. My favorite match of the night was the IC title match. It had great action, great storytelling, and Corey Graves being a douche on commentary. I mean, we all know Renee is married to Dean, but don’t be a douchebag about it. And Ambrose winning was the right call, I was afraid that Dean was gonna lose so the crowd can have a feel-good moment. The main event was fantastic. Everything was great, and everyone had a chance to shine. Charlotte especially got to show how truly vicious she can be. Ronda interfering was a good way to set up Becky winning the Rumble, and Asuka is finally the women’s champion. I hope she has a long reign killing everyone, making up for the horrible year she’s had. TLC started off to be a meh pay-per-view, but the last three matches really picked up the pace. I’m going to rate TLC at a 8.5 out of 10. It was much better than I expected it to be, but still wasn’t a great show. Let’s hope that 2019 will be a great year for WWE, because they need to step things up.