WWE WrestleMania 35 Predictions

Here we are, it’s finally time for the ‘Showcase of the Immortals.’ This is going to be a long ass show, with 16 freaking matches on the card. This is a historic WrestleMania, both with the first ever women’s main event, and the first WrestleMania since WrestleMania 2000 that the Undertaker isn’t scheduled to appear at all. The estimated runtime of this show is like eight hours or something like that, so get cozy y’all, we’re in for a long night. Here are my predictions for the massively loaded WrestleMania 35.
Preshow: André The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Once again, it’s time to get a bunch of midcarders a payday in the sixth annual André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. This match is gonna have guys like Titus O’Neil, No Way Jose, Tyler Breeze, and a bunch of underutilized talent. There’s also a storyline with Braun Strowman, and SNL actors Colin Jost and Michael Che. That is dumb, and Braun Strowman is being wasted again at WrestleMania.Now, like last year this could be where Bray Wyatt finally makes his return, but I’m going to pick someone to finally make his debut, and that’s Lars Sullivan. It’s about time the ‘Freak’ made his debut, and winning the battle royal would be a good start.
Prediction: Lars Sullivan
Preshow: Women’s Battle Royal
The other piss break battle royal, this time all the women who aren’t champions are getting a payday. Nobody really cares about this match, and that’s a shame considering Asuka is in this match. A year ago, she was the Royal Rumble winner, now she’s in a pointless battle royal. I’m going to pick her to win BECAUSE SHE HAS TO. QUIT WASTING HER WWE!!!!
Prediction: Asuka
Preshow: Cruiserweight Championship Match: Buddy Murphy (c) vs Tony Nese
Best friends are now rivals in pursuit of the purple strap. Tony Nese beat Kalisto, Drew Gulak, and Cedric Alexander in a tournament to earn a Cruiserweight Championship match at the showcase of the immortals.I’m really disappointed that the Cruiserweights are on the preshow YET AGAIN. I’m sure that these guys will have a great match, because the Cruiserweights have great preshow matches. As of Sunday, Buddy Murphy will have held the Cruiserweight Championship for 183 days, and I don’t think he’s going to be beaten anytime soon.
Prediction: Murphy retains
Falls Count Anywhere Match: Shane McMahon vs The Miz
Let’s all remember that this feud started over the WWE World Cup. In case y’all scrubbed Crown Jewel from your memory (if that’s the case, then I’m truly sorry), The Miz got ‘hurt’ before his WWE World Cup Finals match against Dolph Ziggler and was replaced with Shane McMahon, who went on to win the match. Since then, Miz wanted to form a tag team with Shane and form the ‘best tag team in the world.’ After a very emotional promo on the Christmas Day Smackdown Live, where Miz talked about forming a team with Shane was the only way his dad would be proud of him,The Miz turned face and ‘McMiz’ was born. They beat The Bar for the tag team titles at Royal Rumble, then Miz ate the pin in back to back losses against The Usos. At Fastlane, after hugging Miz’s dad at ringside, Shane McMahon turned heel, assaulting The Miz and locking in a triangle choke. He even attacked Miz’s dad, to put the cherry on top of his heel turn. That following Smackdown Live, Shane claimed he was tired of people using him, that he enjoyed beating up Miz, and he’s gonna do that again at WrestleMania. On the March 26 Smackdown, The Miz named the stipulation, and Shane accepted, saying that he’s gonna quench his thirst of pummelling The MIz. This is going to be a fun, chaotic match with tons of fun spots all over MetLife Stadium. I’m going to pick The Miz to avenge his betrayal, and get a nice WrestleMania win.
Prediction: The Miz
WWE United States Championship Match: Samoa Joe (c) vs Rey Mysterio
I can’t believe that Samoa Joe is FINALLY making his WrestleMania debut. And Rey Mysterio is in his first WrestleMania match since the first André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. We were all expecting Rey to fight Andrade and properly end their feud, but it looks like ‘El Idolo’ will be fighting in the piss break battle royal. The setup to this match was a bit weird though. Joe choked Rey out in a solid fatal 4 way at Fastlane, then Rey got a pinfall win over Samoa Joe in a tag team match, then he just randomly announced that he’s challenging Joe at ‘Mania. Also, Rey’s son Dominic is back on WWE TV for the first time since 2005, and Jebus he looks huge next to his dad. However, this match may be in jeopardy as Rey Mysterio suffered an ankle injury against Baron Corbin on Monday night, and i hope he’ll be able to go on Sunday. If Rey is unable to go, there are rumors that John Cena will challenge Samoa Joe, and if that’s the case then that match would be amazing. Anyway, this is going to be a solid match, and a fine debut for Samoa Joe at Mania with a retention of his title against a legend.
Prediction: Samoa Joe retains
Randy Orton vs AJ Styles
This is a dream match we’ve all been wanting, as the ‘Phenomenal’ AJ Styles takes on ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton. After a few run ins backstage, Randy eliminating AJ at Elimination Chamber, and Styles hitting a Phenomenal Forearm at Fastlane, Randy Orton came out and told AJ that while he was in TNA, Randy was winning WWE Titles and headlining WrestleMania. Smackdown was actually Randy Orton’s house. Styles responded saying that the only reason Randy got into WWE in the first place is because of his family. And that’s all this feud has been. It doesn’t feel as hot as it should, considering it’s featuring two of the best wrestlers of the past decade or so. The go home angle on Smackdown was one of the best promo segments that Randy Orton’s ever done, talking about how AJ was wrestling in high school gyms, and if Styles was as good as he said he was, he’d have been in WWE sooner. AJ brought up getting suspended for failing drug tests. But one thing that kinda frustrated me was that they gave away the forearm into the RKO spot on Smackdown. That would’ve been an insane WrestleMania moment. I’m going to pick AJ Styles to get the W against Randy Orton, and prove that Smackdown Live is the house that he built.
Prediction: AJ Styles defangs ‘The Viper’
Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre
On the February 25 episode of RAW, Roman Reigns announced that he’s back, and his leukemia was in remission. In his first match back, the Shield got one final hurrah at Fastlane. The next night on RAW, Drew McIntyre attacked Reigns before his scheduled match with Baron Corbin, and defeated Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in consecutive weeks, and challenged Roman Reigns to a match at WrestleMania, and pleaded with Joe Anoa’i the man not to accept. On the March 25 episode of RAW, Drew brought up Roman’s family, then Reigns attacked McIntyre and accepted his challenge. Although I would love to see Drew McIntyre get a great WrestleMania win, it’s gonna be Roman. Roman ain’t losing, especially since he came back from leukemia.
Prediction: Roman Reigns
WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Bobby Lashley (c) vs ‘Demon’ Finn Bálor
This feud is stupid. At Elimination Chamber, Finn won the IC Title against Lashley and Lio Rush in a handicap match, then on the March 11 RAW, Lashley beat the former Prince Devitt thanks to some Lio Rush shenanigans and regained the belt. Then Finn beat Lashley and Jinder in a handicap match so he can get a rematch. Like I said, this feud is f*****g stupid. Since Finn is gonna wear the demon makeup, that means that he’s gonna win. End of story, he’s undefeated every time he wears the makeup.
Prediction: ‘Demon’ Finn Bálor wins back his title
Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships: The Usos (c) vs The Bar vs NakaRusev vs Aleister Black & Ricochet
Since The Usos forfeited their tag team gauntlet match, they’d get some punishment. This punishment, is defending their tag team titles against The Bar, NakaRusev, and 2019 Dusty Rhodes Classic winners, Aleister Black and Ricochet, who are making their Mania debut. This is going to be a chaotic match, and I’m sure that Ricochet is gonna do some insane flippy stuff on the grandest stage of them all. I’m going to pick The Usos to retain their Smackdown Tag Team Titles, and continue their dominance on the Blue Brand.
Prediction: The Usos retain
RAW Tag Team Championship Match: The Revival (c) vs Hawkins & Ryder
Curt Hawkins has lost 296 consecutive matches, with his last win coming against Apollo Crews, IN NOVEMBER 2016. That’s two and a half years of just looking up at the lights, and he’s getting a Tag Team Title Match with his buddy Zack Ryder. We all know what’s gonna happen. The Revival are going to get super cocky, then Curt Hawkins gets the pin to a massive pop, and finally ending his near 300 match losing streak.
Prediction: Hawkins and Ryder win with a massive hometown pop
Kurt Angle’s Farewell Match: Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin
On the March 11 Raw, Kurt Angle announced that at WrestleMania 35, he would be wrestling his final match. Throughout that week, there have been many names speculated for Angle’s final match such as John Cena, Shelton Benjamin, The Undertaker, Drew McIntyre, and Samoa Joe. Then the next week on RAW, Kurt Angle announced that his farewell opponent is… Baron. F*****g. Corbin. Seriously WWE? I get that he was a thought of opponent, but that would’ve been alright if Angle and Corbin fought at say Survivor Series or TLC, where the winner controlled RAW. This is his FINAL match, and the fans are just gonna drown it with CM Punk chants because Baron Corbin is in it. Kurt Angle was on a sort of retirement tour, wrestling against Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Chad Gable, and they are much more worthy opponents than Baron Corbin for his final match. but if anyone can pull out a great performance from Corbin, it’s Angle.I’m going to pick Kurt Angle to beat Baron Corbin, and end his in-ring career on a high note.
Prediction: Kurt Angle gets a heroes’ ovation
Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The Boss N’ Hug Connection (c) vs the IIconics vs The Samoan Slaughterhouse vs The Divas of Doom (Natalya and Beth Phoenix)
The Boss N’ Hug Connection said they’d take on any challengers, and they meant it. On the March 18 episode of RAW,Beth Phoenix surprisingly came out of retirement for one night only to challenge the Boss N’ Hug Connection for the Women’s Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania. The next night, The IIconics won a non-title match and then Nia and Tamina ruined a match featuring Sasha and Bayley on the March 25 RAW. So, basically this is just a match where every tag team is gonna get a shot at Mania, and honestly this is going to be a fun and chaotic match. Although I would love for this to be an ‘IIconic’ WrestleMania, I’m going to pick the Boss N’ Hug Connection to retain the tag titles, and continue to have a strong inaugural reign as Tag Team Champions.
Prediction: Boss N’ Hug retain
No Holds Barred Match with Triple H’s in-ring Career at Stake: Batista vs Triple H
Batista finally gets a chance to end his career on his terms, and he gets to do it against one of his greatest mentors, Triple H. The seeds for this match were planted at Smackdown 1000 during the Evolution reunion,with Batista saying that Triple H did everything in the pro wrestling industry except beat him. And he has a point. They’ve fought three times, and Batista has won each and every time. Then on the February 25 episode of RAW, Batista made a surprise return, attacking Ric Flair during his birthday celebration, asking Triple H if he has his attention now. The next week, Batista basically whines to Triple H to ‘GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!’ and what he wanted, was one last match against Triple H at WrestleMania. Triple H accepted and made it a No Holds Barred Match. Batista claimed that all Triple H did was use him to be his muscle in Evolution, and that Triple H didn’t believe that Batista would be a star. Then Triple H agreed to put his career on the line, because otherwise Batista wasn’t gonna fight at Mania. This is going to be a match with tons of weapon spots and spinebusters, and could be one of the better matches on a loaded card. I’m going to pick Triple H to retire ‘The Animal,’ and finally get a win on big Dave.
Prediction: Triple H retires Batista
WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan (c) vs Kofi Kingston
Man, do i feel bad for Mustafa Ali. After Ali suffered an injury before Elimination Chamber, he was replaced with Kofi Kingston. Then, #KofiMania was born after monster performances in the gauntlet match, and nearly winning the WWE Championship inside the Chamber. After Elimination Chamber, Kofi Kingston was named the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship at Fastlane, but got replaced by Vince in favor of a returning Kevin Owens. At Fastlane, Kofi was told by Vince that he got added to the triple threat match, but instead got his ass kicked by The Bar. Just when it couldn’t get any worse, Vince gave Kofi one last challenge, a monstrous gauntlet match against Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, The Bar, and Rowan. If he were to win that, he’d get a WWE title match. He went through the gauntlet, then Vince came out and was like ‘Hey Kofi, congrats on getting through the gauntlet. Here’s Daniel Bryan, LOL.’ Then Bryan beat an exhausted Kofi Kingston. On the March 26 Smackdown Live, Vince came out and put Big E and Xavier in a tag team gauntlet match to get Kofi to WrestleMania. Seriously? Unfortunately so, as The New Day beat Gallanderson, NakaRusev, The Bar, The Usos, and Bryan & Rowan to finally make it official: Kofi Kingston is fighting for the WWE Championship. #KofiMania will be running wild, and this will be a pretty solid match, and the fans will be unanimously behind Kofi Kingston, and the only way this match should end is with Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Championship, and becoming the first black WWE Champion.
Prediction: Kofi Kingston wins the WWE Championship
WWE Universal Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs Seth Rollins
To get the full scope of this feud, we gotta go back to WrestleMania 31, when Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to steal Brock Lesnar’s WWE Championship. They had a match at Battleground 2015, and Lesnar dominated with 13 suplexes, and right as he was about to win back the WWE Championship, a wild Undertaker showed up and kicked Lesnar in the balls, giving him the DQ win. Back then, Seth Rollins was a cowardly heel, and the fans were rooting for Lesnar. Three and a half years later, the roles have been reversed. Lesnar is the uncaring champion, and Seth Rollins is the defiant challenger tne the fans are unanimously behind. When Seth Rollins won the Royal Rumble Match, Paul Heyman tried to warn Seth to not fight Brock at WrestleMania. Rollins then attacked Brock, and the champion responded with with six F5s. Rollins said that with the WWE Universe behind him, he’s going to take Brock’s title, and burn Suplex City to the ground. This is going to be one of the best matches of the year, as Lesnar has had some great matches over the past year and a half or so with AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, and Finn Bálor. I’m going to pick Seth Rollins to slay the beast, and that we can finally have a full time Universal Champion on RAW.
Prediction: Seth Rollins wins the Universal Championship
Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed Women’s Championship:  RAW Women’s Champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey (c) vs Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair (c) vs ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch
So, they’re gonna unify the belts. Three of the top women in the company are set to make history as the first women to main event the ‘Showcase of the Immortals.’ The seeds were set for this match all the way back at Survivor Series, when Charlotte Flair replaced Becky Lynch in her match with Ronda, saving the ‘Ronda vs Becky’ match for WrestleMania. Becky won the Rumble, and everything was nice and clear. At least it was, until the McMahons decided to screw it up. For some random reason, Vince replaced Becky with Charlotte, and suspended the Rumble winner for 60 days. Then Ronda begged Steph to put Becky in the match and then left, Steph vacated the belt for some reason, unvacated it and Ronda turned heel. Then Becky won a match at Fastlane by DQ and here we are. Jebus it didn’t have to be this complex. And I just gotta say, I love this Ronda Rousey. That whole thing saying wrestling is fake, I don’t care if it’s a work or not, i’m invested now. This is the Ronda Rousey we should’ve gotten all along. A badass who doesn’t give a damn what people think, and breaks people’s arms. This build got super weird, with a random ass beat the clock challenge where Becky, Charlotte and Ronda each quickly beat the Riott Squad for no reason. Then, on the March 26 Smackdown, Charlotte shockingly defeated Asuka and won the Smackdown Women’s Championship, making this triple threat even bigger. On the go home episode of RAW, Stephanie McMahon came out and announced that this match is going to be for both titles. Later on that night, these three women fought in a six woman tag match. After winning the six woman tag match, all three got arrested in a great brawl, with the three women kicking each other after getting handcuffed. Hell, Ronda crashed a cop car, it was one of the best segments ever. Anyway, back to the triple threat. This match is a shoo in for MOTN, and could even be a MOTY candidate with three of the best women on the roster shining under the brightest lights there are, is something truly worthy of main eventing Mania. I’m going to go with the obvious choice and pick ‘The Man,’ Becky Lynch to win both Women’s Title to a standing ovation.
Prediction: Becky Lynch wins the Undisputed Women’s Championship


10 Greatest WrestleManias of All Time

Here is the best of the best that WWE has had to offer. These WrestleManias are the ones that play in the highlight packages, and where the everlasting moments are. I recommend that you seek these out on the WWE Network, because these are the shows that will keep you entertained throughout. With that said, here are the 10 greatest WrestleManias ever.
Honorable Mentions: WrestleMania III, WrestleMania XX, WrestleMania 22, WrestleMania 34, WrestleMania XXVIII
10. WrestleMania X-8
People often overlook this show, but it was awesome. Triple H got to win the WWE title in the main event, completely neutering Jericho and throughout the build made Jericho look like Stephanie McMahon’s lapdog. But there are some other great moments on this show. The Undertaker and Ric Flair wrestling a very underrated and violent no DQ match, and the Rock fighting Hulk Hogan in an ‘Icon vs Icon’ match. In that match, Hogan got a massive ovation in Toronto although he was supposed to be the heel.
9. WrestleMania 21
When ‘WrestleMania went Hollywood,’ it certainly didn’t disappoint. This night is famous for the ‘coronation of two of WWE’s next top stars: John Cena and Batista. This show also had the grudge match between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero, the epic ‘Legend vs Legend Killer’ match between Randy Orton and The Undertaker, and the first ever Money in the Bank Ladder match. There is also the oft forgotten technical masterpiece between Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels. This was the last Mania to take place outside of the US, and I’d love to see WrestleMania in Toronto again.
8. WrestleMania X
This show is still solid in today’s standards, especially the opening match between rival brothers Bret and Owen Hart, which is considered to be the best opening match in WrestleMania history. Speaking of Bret,both he and Lex Luger got to fight Yokozuna for the WWF Championship. Yoko beat Luger by DQ, but would go on to lose to Bret Hart in the main event, and the show got to close out with the true ‘coronation’ of Bret Hart. However, this show’s lasting legacy is the second to last match, the epic ladder match between Shawn Michaels and fellow Kliq member Razor Ramón. That match is widely considered to be the greatest ladder match of all time, and the standard bearer as to what a ladder match should be.
7. WrestleMania 31
While this show’s remembered for ‘the heist of the century,’ it was still a solid show overall. Also, fun fact: This is the last WrestleMania to be referenced numerically. Each match on this show delivered. I’m not going to include the preshow, because nobody cares about the preshow. Daniel Bryan coming back after relinquishing the WWE Championship to win the IC Title was a great opening match, and set the tone for the show. Randy Orton had arguably his best RKO, countering a curb stomp from midair to beat Rollins and the Authority, but at the end Rollins had the last laugh. Sting’s debut match was decent, and the DX-nWo shenanigans were fun and all, but Sting should’ve won that match. Triple H winning made no sense. Getting to see Rusev ride in on a tank was pretty badass, and it’s a shame that moment was the peak of Rusev’s vastly underutilized WWE career. The Undertaker’s match with Bray Wyatt fell short of the bar, because their match was still in the daytime,Bray Wyatt wasn’t worthy to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania, and the match felt very anticlimactic. But Bray had a cool zombie entrance though. Then came the main event, which was a very solid performance from Lesnar and Reigns. The fans were about to riot when it seemed that Roman Reigns was going to dethrone Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins came from out of nowhere and cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, hit everyone with curb stomps, and stole the WWE Championship. This was a solid show overall, and the last one to not be more than 5 hours.
6. WrestleMania 23
This show is not only great, but it also has the current President of the United States shaving the head of Vince McMahon. Aside from the ‘Battle of the Billionaires,’ there were some pretty fun moments. The start of The Undertaker’s show stealing WrestleMania matches against Batista, John Cena’s best WrestleMania match in the main event against fellow tag champ Shawn Michaels. The Money in the Bank Ladder match was also pretty solid, with Mr. Kennedy winning. I wish he would’ve actually done something with the briefcase, but at least we got the Edge-Undertaker feud at Mania next year.
5. WrestleMania XXVI
This was just a fun show to watch. The ‘Belfast Brawl’ was fun carnage to open the show. Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather knocking out Big Show with brass knucks, Shawn Michaels retiring his hero, the triple threat between Triple H, Orton, and Cena, and the great main event between Edge and The Undertaker in the second straight ‘Streak vs Title’ match. Not to forget CM Punk’s first of back to back Money in the Bank ladder match wins. Even the piss break to this show had Snoop Dogg punching out Santino. Yes, Kane won the ECW Championship in 11 seconds, but it was an unexpected moment. The only pointless match on this show was Batista vs Umaga. Even with that though, it doesn’t weigh this show down very much at all. Definitely worth a re-watch on the network.
4. WrestleMania 33
This is truly one of the best Manias of all time. It was just a fun show that was full of great matches and moments. AJ and Shane stealing the show in the opening bout, Goldberg and Lesnar having an infinite finisher match, even that weird thing with Randy and Bray Wyatt and the bugs was something memorable. Seth Rollins slaying the king was a great match in the ‘battle of the pedigree.’ Then the two moments that will live on in the hearts of Wrestling fans, and WrestleMania’s legacy. Firstly, the shocking return of The Hardy Boyz and winning the tag team titles. Nobody was expecting it, especially since they wrestled a ladder match against the Young Bucks the night before. You can ask my brother Alex, I almost jumped off of my couch I was so excited to see them back. Then, they had arguably the most emotional way to close a WrestleMania, with The Undertaker’s sendoff. I was on the verge of tears as I saw my favorite wrestler ever fade away into the mist. Although the show was long, it didn’t feel that way.
3. WrestleMania XIX
People often forget this WrestleMania, but this is arguably the most stacked WrestleMania card of all time. This card had Triple H, The Rock, “Stone Cold,” The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, or Brock Lesnar on it. This is honestly an overlooked WrestleMania, and that’s a shame because it was a pretty solid Mania. The show’s lasting legacy is Lesnar almost breaking his neck, and Kurt Angle wrestling with a messed up neck, but the show had some pretty great matches. Brock Lesnar’s first WrestleMania main event, the Grand Finale of the Rock-Austin Trilogy, Shawn Michaels vs Jericho, and let’s not forget the Hogan-McMahon street fight. Seriously, the Hogan-Vince street fight was an entertaining brawl. And although Lesnar’s main event match against Angle is only remembered for a famous botch, it was a solid match. If you haven’t watched this show, you should do it. Check it out on the Network.
2. WrestleMania XXX
This is one of the most important shows in WWE history because it not only had the cementing of Daniel Bryan as the WWE Champion, but it also had the stunning ending of The Undertaker’s WrestleMania undefeated streak. The opening promo with The Rock, Stone Cold, and Hulk Hogan was a moment that will live on forever. Then Daniel Bryan had arguably the best opening match in WrestleMania history against Triple H, and would go on to wrestle another fantastic match in the main event. The first André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal was solid, and with Cesaro iconically bodyslamming The Big Show over the top rope like Hogan did at ‘Mania III, but unfortunately that was his last hurrah as a singles competitor. Cena-Wyatt was a solid match, although I really wish Bray Wyatt won. Then, the most shocking ending to a match of all time. Brock Lesnar hit a third F5 to The Undertaker, and ended ‘The Streak.’ After ending ‘The Streak,’ the fans got sent home happy after Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton and Batista to finally overcome The Authority and win the WWE Championship.
1. WrestleMania X-Seven
There are a bunch of articles and YouTube Videos that count down the greatest Manias ever, and WrestleMania X-Seven is almost always at the top, and for good reason. In fact, this is also widely regarded as one of the best Wrestling Pay-Per-Views ever. Every match on the card was great. The fun hardcore title match that almost knocked out power to the show, Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit, and then the last five matches on the show are the most iconic. The gimmick battle royal was a lot of fun, the first of Triple H and The Undertaker’s WrestleMania trilogy, the McMahon family street fight (which was a lot more fun than it should have been). Then there’s TLC 2 and the main event, which are constantly harked back to in WWE. Edge hitting Jeff Hardy with a spear from midair, is a moment that fans will never forget, and is synonymous with the TLC Match. The main event of The Rock vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is considered to be the best in their trilogy. It was a brutal war, and although it ended with a very poorly received Austin heel turn, it was still the best match on the best WrestleMania of all time. This show was also considered to be the last hurrah of the Attitude Era, as the WWF won the ‘Monday Night Wars,’ and would soon transition into the ‘Ruthless Aggression’ era. If you want to see The Attitude Era at its very best, then I’d recommend this show. Although this show took place in 2001, it’s still fantastic by today’s standards.

The 10 Most Emotional WrestleMania Moments

Over the 34 years of WrestleManias, there have been a ton of ‘WrestleMania moments.’ These moments made fans feel something, be it joy, anger, or sadness. These are the moments that make fans invested, and that they take away from a particular WrestleMania.  I highly recommend that you watch these moments on YouTube or the WWE Network, because they’re worth the watch.  Here are the 10 most emotional WrestleMania moments of all time.

Honorable Mentions: Austin’s Heel Turn (WrestleMania X-Seven), the Double Turn (WrestleMania 13), The Boyhood Dream (WrestleMania 12), Icon vs Icon (WrestleMania X8)

10 Rey’s Title Win (WrestleMania 22)

Yes, this was fueled by the sudden death of Eddie Guerrero, but it was still a great way to put over Rey Mysterio as a main eventer. He dedicated his Royal Rumble win, and his eventual World Heavyweight Championship to his friend. This was a great way to honor Eddie Guerrero, and give Rey Mysterio some just dues for a legendary career, even if it was for only one night. What would’ve made this moment higher on the list, is if this match went on last, rather than placed in the middle of the show.

9 Shawn’s Finale (WrestleMania 26)

This was a great way to end ‘Mr. Wrestlemania’s’ in ring career. After failing to end The Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak at WrestleMania 25, HBK became obsessed, doing whatever it took to have one more match against the Deadman. After failing to win the Rumble, he cost taker his Heavyweight Championship, getting one last opportunity at ‘The Streak,’ with his career on the line. After throwing everything he had at Taker, he went out as defiant as ever. Slapping The Undertaker in the face, then getting driven into the ground with a leaping tombstone piledriver. After the match, Taker and Shawn shook hands and the crowd rightfully showered the hall of famer with chants of ‘Thank you Shawn.’

8 The Hardy Boyz Return (WrestleMania 33)

Matt & Jeff Hardy’s shock return caught everyone off guard, although the fans have been speculating for months. Heck, the Hardys wrestled a ladder match against The Young Bucks the night before. What made this moment even more shocking is that The New Day were trolling the fans, hinting that they’ll insert themselves in the tag team ladder match. Then the Hardys’ music hit, and the fans exploded. I even jumped up off of my couch I was so excited to see Matt and Jeff back in the WWE, and to see them once again as Tag Team Champions.

7 “I’m sorry. I love you” (WrestleMania 24)

These are four of the most heartbreaking words in WWE history, as Shawn Michaels ended his hero’s storied in-ring career for at least a couple of years. We all knew that Ric’s road was ending at ‘Mania, but nobody was ready for it. Ric Flair asked Shawn to do it, then HBK uttered those famous words and delivered a final Sweet Chin Music.When the ref counted three and the bell rang, fans were crying both out of sadness and respect. The outpouring of love and gratitude from the fans, as the ‘Nature Boy’ received a standing ovation is something that is sadly overlooked because of Flair’s short retirement. It’s still a great tearjerker, and Ric Flair getting a much deserved standing ovation for a career that would span five decades.

6 The Legends’ Embrace (WrestleMania 28)

This was the cherry on top of one of the best stories I’ve ever seen, and what was supposed to be ‘The End of an Era.’ The culmination of a four year storyline of Shawn Michaels coming up short of ending ‘The Streak,’ and Triple H making The Undertaker look mortal, despite losing. The Undertaker was carried out on a stretcher after that match. Taker wanted a rematch, not to prove anything to Triple H, or to the WWE Universe, but to prove something to himself. That he can still be that old gunslinger, and the only way this feud could end was inside Hell in a Cell with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee. After The Undertaker extended his Streak to 20-0, Taker and Shawn helped carry Triple H up the ramp, the three legends embraced and faded into the smoke.

5 Eddie and Benoit’s Celebration (WrestleMania 20)

Seeing two best friends embrace after winning world titles is emotional in itself, but what makes this even more tragic is what would happen to these two over the course of three and a half years.  Say what you want about Chris Benoit, but his storyline going into WrestleMania 20, and winning the World Heavyweight Championship was in a way, a prototype for Bryan’s ascent as champion, as the Triple Threat at Mania 30 had some of the same spots in this match between Trips, HBK, and Benoit. Eddie Guerrero winning the WWE Championship was justification for 18 years of hard work, and taking his rightful place among the legends who have held that title. It’s a shame that this moment won’t ever be brought up again due to the Benoit Tragedy, but it’s still a good moment to watch on the WWE Network or YouTube.

4 ‘The Miracle on Bourbon Street’ (WrestleMania 30)

After getting gut punched with the snapping of ‘The Streak’ (spoiler alert: more on that later), the only way for WrestleMania 30 could possibly end was with the ascendance of Daniel Bryan. This moment was the culmination of eight months of hell brought upon him by Triple H and The Authority, and Bryan finally being able to celebrate as a champion. When Batista tapped out, the entire Superdome erupted in ‘Yes’ chants. Never before or since have I seen a crowd so unanimously behind a wrestler. The fans willed Daniel Bryan into the main event, and this is the moment that shows just how powerful the fan’s voices are.

3 ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth reunite (WrestleMania 7)

This moment has stood the test of time, and is regarded as the paramount emotional moment in WrestleMania history. After losing a career threatening match to The Ultimate Warrior, ‘Sensational Queen’ Sherri took her frustrations out on the humbled ‘Macho King,’ while Miss Elizabeth watched helplessly in the stands. Then Miss Elizabeth couldn’t stands no more, jumped the barricade and kicked the crap out of Sherri, and reunited with her real life husband. The embrace that they shared made many a wrestling fan cry, and it is certainly a tear jerker even today.

2 The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Sendoff (WrestleMania 33)

I don’t care what you say that Taker retiring was inevitable, I can guarantee nobody was ready.This was the perfect way to send off The Undertaker, and honestly it would’ve been #1 if Taker truly stayed retired. This was truly one of the greatest moments in WrestleMania history, with The Undertaker leaving his hat, coat, and gloves in the ring; then going up the ramp and descending into the darkness.  The Undertaker even broke character to kiss his wife, while the fans were chanting ‘Thank you Taker,’ and giving him a standing ovation. This was the one moment where I almost cried while watching, is my personal favorite WrestleMania moment.

1 ‘The Day ‘The Streak Died’’ (WrestleMania 30)

I can’t honestly think of anything that could’ve silenced a stadium full of 75,000+ people more-so than this. Brock Lesnar hit a third F5, and after the count of three, WrestleMania, and professional wrestling in general, was changed forever. Nobody thought ‘The Streak’ was going to end, but when it was broken, It certainly left an impact. 70+ thousand people, left in stunned silence. I thought it was a botch, as the bell didn’t ring. Paul Heyman’s shock as the ref counted the three helped sell it, but what really set it in the minds of fans that ‘The Streak’ was really over was the “21-1” graphic. The stunned silence turned into tears and a standing ovation, because people really thought that Taker was done after this. What this moment represented, was the true end of an era. The main drawing factor for WrestleMania got snapped like a twig, and it just hasn’t felt the same since.


Where is the Next Stop for Le’Veon Bell?

Last year I wrote a post on where Kirk Cousins is going to end up, and I thought I’d do the same for superstar running back Le’Veon Bell. Le’Veon is one of the best running backs in the NFL, running for 800+ yards every year (except for 2015) and was one of the team leaders in both rushing and receiving. Le’Veon was a dominant force in Pittsburgh, and he is one of the top free agents available in 2019. However, his character could be a damper into his value. He sat out of the entire 2018 NFL season after a contract dispute, and rather than report to the team, or ask for a trade, he partied in Miami and made crappy rap tracks. Although he isn’t the best teammate, he’s still one hell of a football player and could help a team make a playoff push.
Le’Veon Bell’s Career Statistics
2013: 244 Carries, 860 Yards, 8 TDs. 45 Catches, 399 Yards, 1 Fumble (played 13 games)
2014: 290 Carries, 1,361 Yards, 8 TDs. 83 Catches, 854 Yards, 3 TDs, 0 Fumbles (played all 16 games)
2015: 113 Carries, 556 Yards, 3 TDs. 24 Catches, 136 Yards. (only played 6 games)
2016: 261 Carries, 1,268 Yards, 7 TDs. 75 Catches, 616 Yards, 2 TDs, 4 Fumbles (played 12 games)
2017: 321 Carries, 1,291 Yards, 9 TDs. 85 Catches, 655 Yards, 2 TDs, 3 Fumbles (played 15 games)
Total: 1,229 Carries, 5,336 Yards, 35 TDs. 312 Catches, 2,660 Yards, 7 TDs (played 62 games)

Like last year, I’ll be using https://overthecap.com/salary-cap-space/ to look at a team’s salary cap, and I’ll be using a 1-10 scale to rank the odds of them taking a chance on Le’Veon Bell, and their chances of winning should they sign him.
Baltimore Ravens
2018 Record: 10-6
Cap Space: $20,493,514
Chances of signing Bell: 3
Chances of Winning: 9
This is where I’d love to see Le’Veon go because it’d add more fire to one of the NFL’s best rivalries. In this scenario, Bell wouldn’t necessarily be chasing a paycheck but more of a personal want of revenge. The Ravens do a committee, mainly splitting between Kenneth Dixon, Javorius Allen and newly acquired Ty Montgomery. However, the latter two are unrestricted free agents. And Le’Veon would fit in Baltimore’s power run system, and he would make the options even more dangerous for defenses alongside dynamic quarterback Lamar Jackson. If the Ravens were to coax Le’Veon to the Charm City, then they could be Super Bowl contenders. They already have the NFL’s top defense, but have several key players that are free agents. Terrell Suggs, CJ Mosley, John Brown, Za’Darius Smith and others. They have too many key players that are leaving to go out and pursue Bell, but man would it be entertaining to see.
Kansas City Chiefs
2018 Record: 13-3
Cap Space: $26,172,985
Chances of signing Bell: 5
Chances of Winning: 9
I know this would be stupid, but the Chiefs don’t really have a running game after the whole Kareem Hunt debacle. Spencer Ware is not the dude who can carry the reigns, so they might as well sign arguably the best running back in the game. The idea of Le’Veon Bell on the same team as Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce would be a dream scenario for phenom Pat Mahomes. Bell would not only resurrect the Chiefs’ run game, but give the League MVP yet another pass catcher to his disposal. Bell could fit in Andy Reid’s system, being a power runner and being a dangerous pass catcher. Although it’d be smarter for the Chiefs to invest in defense, it wouldn’t hurt to try to sign Le’Veon, albeit he’d have a ludicrous asking price. Plus, they’re trying to make Pat Mahomes a $200 million man, so I can’t really see Bell going to KC, although that offense would be virtually unstoppable. The only thing stopping them from winning a Lombardi Trophy or two would be their bad defense.
Green Bay Packers
2018 Record: 6-9-1
Cap Space:$36,329,260
Chances of Signing Bell: 6
Chances of Winning: 5
Now, the Packers have a lot of things to fix after the disaster that was the 2018 season. They tanked WITH A-ROD. The Packers should use all of their salary cap and draft to invest in an offensive line, but the Packers haven’t had a 1000 yard rusher since Eddie Lacy. Aaron Jones has potential, but the thought of Le’Veon Bell on the same team as Aaron Rodgers should send chills up the spines of defensive coordinators. Now, the Packers need more than Le’Veon to get the NFC North back from the Bears, who were completely transformed by Khalil Mack. Bell would be a game changer on offense, but if the Packers want to get back to where they want to be they need to invest heavily in defense. With that in mind, I don’t really see the Pack signing Le’Veon, but it would certainly make the NFC North a lot more interesting.
San Francisco 49ers
2018 Record: 4-12
Cap Space: $69,293,622
Odds of signing Bell: 8
Chances of Winning: 6
The Niners have a lot of cap space to work with after completely tanking once Jimmy Garoppolo tore his ACL. They have a lot of money at their disposal, and they need to invest in a defense, a line, and weapons for their golden goose in Jimmy G. Why not make a huge splash in Free Agency by signing one of the biggest names in the market? Don’t get me wrong, Matt Breida played pretty good this year, but
Le’Veon could be a perfect weapon for Jimmy G both as a runner and receiver. I think it’d be better for the Niners to invest in defense and receivers, but the Niners could feasibly do both of those things and nab Bell. The Niners would have a much better offense with Le’Veon and a healthy Jimmy G, but they wouldn’t be good enough to get to the playoffs. They’d contend with Seattle for second place.
Oakland Raiders
2018 Record: 4-12
Cap Space: $74,220,680
Chances of signing Bell: 9
Chances of Winning: 6
The Raiders have a notorious reputation of signing free agents for a stupid amount of money. The Silver and Black have almost $75 million at their disposal, and they could potentially make some noise, and even try to solve that pass rushing problem they have. On offense, they not only need receivers, but a reliable running back. Doug Martin and Marshawn Lynch are free agents, and they’re also old. Bell would give Carr someone to dump the ball off to and help carry the load. Bell would most likely have a Saquon Barkley like season, in that he would get a ton of carries, as well as a ton of catches. If the Raiders do somehow sign Le’Veon, they’ll need to invest the rest of their salary cap into a D-Line, and an offensive line. They won’t be immediate contenders with Le’Veon, but they will be once they move to Vegas as long as they have solid draft picks.
Buffalo Bills
2018 Record: 6-10
Cap Space: $81,786,112
Chances of signing Bell: 9
Chances of Winning: 6
The Bills have Shady McCoy, but he’s slowing down and getting hurt. He is entering his 11th season in the NFL, and is turning 31. He ran for 514 yards in 13 games. Now, the Bills don’t really need to get rid of Shady, I think that they’d have more of a run game if they invested some of their $80+ Million in an offensive line and receivers for Josh Allen. Last year they had the league’s #2 ranked defense, and they could spend some cap space on signing some DBs or linebackers, but the bulk of Buffalo’s free agency spending should be on offense. The Bills have the money for Bell, and he’d certainly make the Bills a better team. Maybe they’d slip in the wild card, but they could be a force to be reckoned with once Brady and Belichick are gone.
New York Jets
2018 Record: 4-12
Cap Space: $98,084,882
Chances of signing Bell: 10
Chances of Winning:5
Signing Le’Veon won’t solve all of the Jets’ problems, but they could get some reliable weapons for Sam Darnold. Hopefully the Jets don’t give up on Darnold after only a year, because the Jets were pretty bad last year. They ranked 25th in defense, 29th in offensive yards, and 23rd in scoring. The Jets need a better secondary, better coaching, and a better offensive line. The Jets are considered to be the favorite to gain Le’Veon, although they have Isaiah Crowell, and a freshly ruined Bilal Powell. However, the Jets could fill a ton of holes that they have. They have almost $100 million at their disposal, and could sign a pass rusher and Le’Veon, sign a linebacker or two, then draft some receivers and lineman. As long as the draft picks pan out, the Jets could be a wild card team. Then again, this is the Jets. They’re probably gonna sign a couple of big names, then continue to tank. Le’Veon should avoid the Jets like the plague.
Indianapolis Colts
2018 Record: 10-6
Cap Space: $108,314,835
Chances of signing Bell: 10
Chances of winning: 9
The Colts are the best team out of all of these that Le’Veon would go to. Not only do they have the most cap space to give Bell that massive extension he wants, but they also have a GREAT offensive line. They gave up only 18 sacks last year. Although he’s been vastly overlooked, Marlon Mack actually had an alright year. In 2018, he ran for 908 yards in 12 games. It’s not exactly world beater numbers, but they’re still nothing to shake a stick at. Indy would be a match made in heaven for Le’Veon Bell, with a phenomenal QB in Luck, a solid offensive line, and a young, good defense. They’re his best chance if he wants to win a championship, and I imagine winning a title or two would help his legacy. If Le’Veon goes to Indy, he’d give Luck another great weapon to throw to, vastly improve the run game, and would even make the Colts a potential Super Bowl dark horse.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Predictions

This will be a historic pay per view because for the first time since the 80’s, WWE will crown brand new Women’s Tag Team Champions. This isn’t shaping up to be a very strong pay per view, which is concerning because this is on the ‘Road to WrestleMania.’ Also, where in the hell is Asuka? One of the biggest stars in WWE isn’t even on the card because she has nobody to defend her title against. Even with the title, Asuka is still being mistreated. Anyway, let’s see who will walk out of the Chambers holding some gold with my predictions for WWE Elimination Chamber 2019.
Preshow Cruiserweight Championship Match: Buddy Murphy (c) vs Akira Tozawa
After beating Lio Rush, Humberto Carillo, and Cedric Alexander in a Fatal 4 Way, Akira Tozawa gets another shot at Buddy Murphy’s Cruiserweight Championship. And once again it’s on the preshow, despite the Cruiserweights doing insane flippy stuff, they’re still relegated to the preshow. No offense to Akira Tozawa, he ain’t going to be champ again anytime soon. I’m picking Buddy Murphy to retain his title, and go into Fastlane as the Cruiserweight Champion.
Prediction: Buddy Murphy retains
Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship Match: ‘The Best Tag Team in the World’ (The Miz & Shane McMahon) (c) vs The Usos
At the Royal Rumble, the ‘Best Tag Team in the World’ pulled off an amazing upset over The Bar and won the tag titles. Instead of Sheamus or Cesaro coming out to get a rematch, The Usos beat The Bar, New Day, and Heavy Machinery to get a shot at the titles. Although Shane isn’t fully trained, he’s had some fantastic matches. This is going to be a great match, and I’m sure Shane is going to do something crazy, like a shooting star press or an elbow through a table. Hell, maybe both.While the implosion of Miz and Shane could happen here, I think that they’ll retain the titles one more time, and lose them at Fastlane.
Prediction: Miz and Shane retain the Tag Team Championships
Handicap Match for the Intercontinental Championship (If Finn pins Lio Rush, he wins the title): Bobby Lashley (c) and Lio Rush vs Finn Bálor
I think it’s dumb that it’s stupid that this is a handicap match. They should not be a championship match stipulation because the other person could cost the champion his title, but can’t win the title for himself. It makes 0 sense. But here we are. Finn gets a chance to kick the crap out of the annoying hype man Lio Rush, and I’m sure he will. So far, Bobby Lashley has done nothing with the Intercontinental Championship, and the IC title has been a huge afterthought after Seth Rollins dropped the title to Dean Ambrose. I’m going to pick Finn Bálor to win the Intercontinental Championship, and bring some prestige back to the belt.
Prediction: Finn Bálor wins the Intercontinental Championship
RAW Women’s Championship Match: “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey (c) vs Ruby Riott
After Ronda tapped out Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan, now it’s Ruby Riott’s turn. This match was just announced randomly on twitter, and it makes sense considering basically the entire women’s division is in the tag title chamber match. And although I like Ruby Riott, I can’t really buy into her as a contender for Rousey’s title because of how random this match got thrown together. I think she can be a contender, but there has to be a better reason for her to get a title shot rather than making Ronda look strong going into ‘Mania. I’m going to make the easy choice and pick Ronda to retain.
Prediction: Rousey completes the trifecta and retains her title
Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin
Before the go-home RAW, it was announced that Braun Strowman will once again face Baron Corbin. I don’t need to go further into this because we’ve seen it so much. We all know how it’s gonna go down, Braun is going to squash Baron Corbin, end of story.
Prediction: Braun Strowman
Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match to crown the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: The Boss N’ Hug Connection vs The IIconics vs Nia Jax & Tamina vs The Riott Squad vs Fire and Desire (Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville) vs Naomi & Carmella
30 years and 3 days after they were disbanded, WWE are bringing back the Women’s Tag Team Titles. I’m going to be honest here, although it’s an awesome thing to have a chaotic Elimination Chamber Match, I think it would’ve been better for WWE if they were to do an 8 team tournament that culminated at WrestleMania. It would’ve made for one hell of a ‘Mania moment. But thanks to Vince and Alexa Bliss, it’s happening here. This is going to be frantic match, and could steal the show. Let’s see how this groundbreaking match is going to go down.
Entrants 1 & 2: The Boss N’ Hug Connection & Fire and Desire (confirmed)
This further paints Sasha and Bayley as the underdogs in this match, and I love that. I think that they’ll have an okay start to the chamber match, but Corey’s gonna be in for a rough night when Mandy eats the pin for her team.
Entrant 6: The IIconics
I feel like that the IIconics would be perfect at 6, they’d try to pick the scraps for a quick elimination, but then would sit on the outside while everyone else beats each other up.
Most Eliminations: Nia Jax and Tamina
Nia has to look like a monster, maybe eliminate a couple of teams before they get eliminated in the ‘Samoan Slaughterhouse.’
Prediction: The Boss N’ Hug Connection become the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champions
Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan (c) vs Randy Orton vs Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles vs Kofi Kingston
Daniel Bryan is defending his WWE title in an Elimination Chamber match, which is actually the first time he’s done so since he was the World Heavyweight Champion (Remember when that title was around?). Speaking of the WWE Championship, I’m a big fan of Daniel Bryan’s ‘Hempyweight’ title. Now for the third pay per view in a row, Daniel Bryan will be facing AJ Styles in some capacity. Mustafa Ali was injured and had to pull out of the Chamber match, and was replaced by Kofi KIngston. Kofi had a monster performance in the gauntlet match Tuesday, wrestling for an hour, just like Seth Rollins did last year. We all know that this performance was supposed to go to Ali, but this was a blessing in disguise for vastly overlooked Kofi Kingston. Many fans on Twitter are saying that Kofi should be winning the WWE Championship, but we all know that ain’t happening. Just like any Elimination Chamber match, it will be a brutal affair. Let’s see how this Chamber Match will go.
Entrants 1 & 2: Jeff Hardy and Kofi Kingston
Hardy and Kofi will have an electric start to this match, with lots of high flying. I’m sure that Jeff will do something insane like a Swanton Bomb off of one of the pods.
Entrant 6: Randy Orton (confirmed)
Randy makes the most sense to be at 6, because he’d come in and pick everyone apart, maybe get an elimination or two before he goes.
Most Eliminations: Samoa Joe
It seems tailor-made for Joe to wreck a lot of people in the Chamber. He’ll get maybe 2-3 eliminations before he gets eliminated himself.
Prediction: Daniel Bryan retains the WWE Championship last eliminating Kofi Kingston

Super Bowl LIII Preview

17 years to the day after Super Bowl XXXVI, the Rams will be playing the Patriots in the Super Bowl once again. Not only that, but it’s a renewing of a legendary rivalry between two of America’s premier sports cities: Boston vs Los Angeles. The last time these two teams played each other on the grand stage, Tom Brady was a young up and comer against the ‘Greatest Show on Turf.’ This time, the up and coming Rams are taking on a juggernaut in the New England Patriots, who are now going to their 11th Super Bowl. This should be a good game, and will likely be an offensive shootout. Let’s look at the two teams that are still standing when the dust has settled.
AFC Champion: New England Patriots (11-5)
Super Bowl Wins: 5 (36, 38, 39, 49, 51)
Super Bowl Losses: 5 (20, 31, 42, 46, 52)
For the fourth time in five years (and third time in a row), the New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl once again. Since 2001, this is their ninth appearance. Nine appearances in 18 years literally gives the Patriots a 50/50 shot. Despite all the talk that the Patriots were looking weak, and that Tom Brady was washed up, the Patriots once again earned a first round bye, and looked as dominant as ever in the playoffs. This season, Tom’s had a very quiet year, throwing for 4300 yards, but he’s been overshadowed by Drew Brees, Jared Goff, and Pat Mahomes. The Patriots went 11-5 this season, which is the worst record they’ve had in a decade. Once the playoffs hit, they’ve been nothing short of dominant, and they’ve done that by controlling the clock and pounding the football with Sony Michel, Rex Burkhead, and James White. Let’s look at New England’s road to the Promised Land. The Patriots demolished the LA Chargers, with Tommy throwing for 300+ yards and Michel getting 3 TDs. Next week, the Patriots played a very close shootout against the upstart Chiefs. There were two different stories in the game. In the first half, the Patriots dominated, going up 17-0. Then after a slow start, the Chiefs scored 31 second half points to force OT, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Pats’ juggernaut. It proves that even with one of the weakest rosters in years, Belichick is dominant enough of a coach to take them to the Super Bowl. And Tom Brady has 0 intention of retiring, which means that we could be seeing his dominance for another few years. Maybe he’ll make a couple of more Super Bowls.
NFC Champion: Los Angeles Rams (13-3)
Super Bowl Wins: 1 (34)
Super Bowl Losses: 2 (14, 36)
The Rams certainly believed in the mantra ‘Super Bowl or Bust’ this year. The Rams acquired plenty of stars in the offseason: trading for Brandin Cooks, Aquib Talib, Marcus Peters, and Dante Fowler, as well as signing Ndamukong Suh, AND giving Brandin Cooks, Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald monster contracts. My question is, how in the hell do the Rams have the cap space for all these dudes? Aaron Donald, Todd Gurley, and Brandin Cooks have a combined $182.5 million in guaranteed money. The Rams have scorched the NFL this season, going 10-1 going into the bye week, including a shootout win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football, which is the greatest game ever played. Then after their bye week, the Rams looked like a completely different team. Jared Goff started throwing a bunch of picks & they lost 2 very ugly games to the Eagles and Bears. Then the Rams picked up CJ Anderson and became a power run offense, running for 167 yards in his first game with LA, then 132 the next week. Let’s look at the Rams road to the Super Bowl. They had a dominant divisional round performance against the Dallas Cowboys, with both Anderson and Todd Gurley getting 100+ rushing yards. Now I have to talk about their tainted NFC Championship win. Thanks to a blatant missed PI call, the Rams forced OT and got the win over the white-hot New Orleans Saints. Many fans (myself included) believe that the Saints were robbed out of that game, and we were right in saying that it shouldn’t have gone to overtime. Although this win was tainted, some people (mainly Colin Cowherd) bring up the point that the Rams had more yards, yards per play, and time of possession. In theory, the LA Rams should have won, and they did win. But if the refs made the PI call, the Saints would’ve won. It will go down as one of the biggest officiating blunders of all time. Also, there are many fans on twitter and other forms of social media saying that the league needs to change their overtime rules, similar to college football in that the other team gets a shot to score, regardless if they scored a TD or not. More on that in another post. The point is, the Rams are in the Super Bowl, and this is their first trip since the Brady-Belichick empire got its start. Can the Rams avenge their last Super Bowl loss to the Patriots? We’ll have to see.

Let’s get into some of the factors for each team in Super Bowl LIII.
Los Angeles Rams: Pound the rock and get the ball out to your playmakers
Jared Goff Stats: 364-561, 4,688 Yards, 32 TDs, 12 INTs, QBR of 101.1
Todd Gurley Stats: 256 Carries, 1,251 Yards, 17 TDs, 59 Catches, 580 Yards, 4 TDs
CJ Anderson Stats: 67 Carries, 403 Yards, 2 TDs, 5 Catches, 41 Yards, 1 TD
At the first half of the year Jared Goff was throwing the ball everywhere, with Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks each getting 1200 yards receiving. Todd Gurley was nigh unstoppable on the ground, getting a league leading 17 rushing TDs. Then after Cooper Kupp tore his ACL, Goff started to look like his rookie self again, playing very bad, and then Todd Gurley got hurt, so the LA Rams signed reborn cannonball CJ Anderson. With the last couple of games in the regular season, as well as the postseason, the Rams shifted from a spread offense to more of a west coast overnight. I’m getting a real early Joe Gibbs Redskins vibe from the Rams, with them pounding the rock and passing only when necessary. The Rams have a red-hot offense, and had one of the top scoring offenses in the league. The Pats have one of the best scoring defenses, and the Rams NEED to get points on the board. TD, field goal, something. If the Rams are going to win this game, they need to pound the rock, keep the ball out of Tom Brady’s hands, and minimize whatever mistakes Jared Goff may make.
New England Patriots: Control the Clock, and Pound the Rock
Tom Brady Stats: 375-570, 4,355 Yards, 29 TDs, 11 INTs, QBR of 97.7
Sony Michel Stats: 209 Carries, 936 Yards, 6 TDs, 7 Catches, 50 Yards
James White Stats: 95 Carries, 425 Yards, 5 TDs, 87 Catches, 751 yards, 7 TDs
The New England Patriots haven’t given up a sack at all this postseason, going up against Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram, Chris Jones, Justin Houston, and didn’t give up one sack. The Chiefs defense may have ranked 31st in yards, but they were tied with Pittsburgh for the most sacks in the league with 52. That, along with controlling the clock have been the keys for New England’s offense. The standout on the Patriot offense this year wasn’t any of their receivers, but rookie running back Sony Michel. Sony Michel missed a few games and almost ran for 1,000 yards, and proves that despite being in a committee, he can be an every down back. He could be the consistent runner the Patriots have been lacking, and has quickly been a huge part of New England’s gameplan. The Patriots just played efficient football, and it’s hard to beat New England when they play efficiently. The Rams’ defense may have a lot of star power, but haven’t played exactly ‘lock-down.’ The Rams have ranked 19th defensively, giving up 358 yards per game. Their weakness is their linebacking corps, and they’ve been exposed time and time again by the likes of Drew Brees, Pat Mahomes, and even Nick Foles. Tom Brady shouldn’t really have a problem picking their defense apart, but Sony Michel could be in store for a huge day on the ground, with the Rams giving up 122 yards per game. In order for Brady to get a ring for his other hand, he just needs to continue to be efficient, and run the ball down people’s throats.

Los Angeles Rams: D-Line raises Hell
While the Rams have loaded DBs, the strength of their defense is in their D-Line. Dante Fowler, Aaron Donald, and Ndamukong Suh have a combined 26.5 sacks, with Aaron Donald leading the NFL with 20.5. All the Rams have to do is let Suh and Donald bull-rush every single play, and put Brady on his ass. If they are able to not only hit Brady every play, but manage to sack him a few times (which hasn’t happened in the playoffs this year), then they’ll have a chance. The Rams D-Line also have the daunting task to stop the Patriots running back committee, who have been gashing defenses in the playoffs. Sony Michel in 2 games has almost as many rushing TDs as he’s had all year. Suh and Donald can plug up the middle, but the outside linebackers and D-Ends need to cover the outside and do their best to stop the outside zone runs and underneath passes. The Rams defense has a tough task ahead of them, but they’re everyone’s last hope in keeping Brady from getting a ring for his other hand.
New England Patriots: Bend don’t Break
Just like always, the Patriots mantra has been just keep the opposition from scoring. The Chargers didn’t stand a ghost of a chance in Hell of beating the Pats, despite all the talent they have. In the first half of the AFC title game, the Patriots shut the Chiefs out in the first half, but they started to give up a bunch of points in the second half, and Brady had to bail them out. If the Pats defense lets the Rams score, it could open the floodgates. They need to keep doing what they’re doing, and just keep the Rams out of the endzone. If they do that, then they’ll get the record tying Lombardi.
Final Analysis and Prediction
Just like all of the Tom Brady Super Bowls, this could very well be a close matchup. This game will most likely be a shootout, and whatever mistakes are made in this game will be fatal. I’m going to pick the New England Patriots to win their sixth ring, because it’s hard to bet against Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. The Pats have been here 8 times before, and know what it takes to win the big one, and it’s hard to outcoach the ‘Lord of Darkness.’ The Rams are a very good team, and will put up one hell of a fight, but it won’t be enough to stop Tom Brady’s wrath en route to lifting a sixth Vince Lombardi Trophy.
Prediction: Tommy Boy gets a ring for his left hand

WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Review

Once again, the ‘Road to WrestleMania’ starts off with a bang thanks to another stellar Royal Rumble. We know who is going to headline WrestleMania, and some new champions were crowned. Including Shane McMahon, and yes it’s 2019. For the second straight year the Rumble Matches were both fantastic, with the right people winning in each of them. Let’s see who’s going to WrestleMania with my WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Review.

Prediction Score: 8-1

Preshow Tag Team Match: Chad Gable & Bobby Roode vs Rezar and Scott Dawson

During the Tag Team Champions’ entrance, the camera man fell, and we got a comedic start to the Rumble. The tag champs got started off early, quickly taking control of Scott Dawson. The two quickly exchange some near falls, and Dawson finally makes a tag to Rezar, who quickly starts to demolish everyone with clubbing blows, and quick tags to Dawson. Gable makes the hot tag to Bobby Roode, and he goes on a tear. Dawson almost rolls up Bobby Roode, then accidentally dropkicks Rezar. Alter a countered rollup, Team Roode Gable hit their moonsault neckbreaker, and picked up the win. Nothing of note happened here, so this match was literally pointless.

Preshow United States Championship Match: Shinsuke Nakamura def. Rusev (c) to become the new United States Champion

Rusev started the match hot, but Nakamura took over once the action went outside, and gave Rusev some knees for a pre-rumble snack. Nakamura locked in a guillotine on Rusev, but the champion powers out and even hits a dropkick. Rusev hits a fallaway slam, then his trademark spinning heel kick. Nakamura hits Rusev with a kick before the Bulgarian Brute could fly, but Rusev kicked Nak in the back of the head. Nak hits some knees to Rusev, but Rusev countered a Kinshasa with a Machka kick. Nakamura locked in a triangle choke, and transitioned with a guillotine after Rusev tried to power out. Rusev countered the guillotine with a suplex, but Nak kicked out at 2. Nakamura hits a varied Michonoku Driver, then Lana tried to rat Nakamura out for taking off the turnbuckle. Rusev accidentally knocked Lana off the apron, which let Nakamura to hit the Kinshasa and win back the United States Championship.

Preshow Fatal 4 Way Match for the Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy (c) def. Hideo Itami, Akira Tozawa, & Kalisto to retain the Cruiserweight Championship

Hideo Itami ducked outside the ring, then everyone else quickly tried to roll each other up, but Buddy Murphy used his power to establish early dominance. Kalisto started to quicken the pace, but Murphy’s power keeps everyone down. Hideo Itami gets in the ring and now Murphy and Itami square off with stiff strikes and kicks to the spine. Kalisto hits a hurricanrana onto the champion thanks to a suicide dive from Tozawa. Itami beats down Tozawa and Kalisto, who then launches Akira Tozawa into Buddy Murphy. Kalisto catches steam, quickening the pace to keep Hideo Itami off his toes. Then this was the point when the insane spots break out. Murphy counters a Salida del Sol by chucking Kalisto into Itami, then Akira Tozawa’s incredibly high screams take effect as he takes it to Murphy. Tozawa counters a GTS and hits a suicide dive to the outside. Murphy threw Kalisto outside, then takes flight. Kalisto almost won the belt after spiking Buddy Murphy with a hurricanrana. Tozawa hits a crossbody, but Murphy caught him, and got spiked. After a quick exchange of pins, Kalisto hits a Salida del Sol but Hideo Itami kicked out. Murphy and Itami start battering each other with strikes, then everyone started kicking each other in the face. Murphy and Itami have an exchange of strikes, but Murphy hits Murphy’s Law and retained the belt.

Smackdown Live Women’s Championship: Asuka (c) def. Becky Lynch to retain the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship

Asuka and Becky started out aggressive, with the champion hitting a dropkick. Becky hits a right and runs the champ over. Becky tried to go for the Disarm-Her, but Asuka kicked Becky’s hamstring, but Becky retaliated with forearm smashes and a shoulder tackle. The action goes outside, with Becky repeatedly smashing Asuka into the apron, before Asuka threw Becky into the barricade, and the apron. After breaking the count, Becky hit a Becksploder from out of nowhere. Just like “Stone Cold,” Becky stomps a mudhole in the corner before hitting the champion with clubbing blows. Asuka went for the hip attack, but Becky dodged, and got put into the Asuka lock in the ropes. Becky locked in the Disarm-Her in the turnbuckle, then got kicked in the face by Asuka. Asuka hits a couple of strikes before trying to take Becky to Suplex City. Asuka went for a dropkick, but Becky rolled out of the way and hit a Uranagi. Asuka locked in an armbar, then transitioned into the Asuka Lock. Asuka and Becky fought on the apron, with Asuka trying to hit a German Suplex. When that didn’t work, Asuka hit a DDT from the apron to the floor, and both women are down. Becky gets back in the ring at a count of 9. Both women exchange haymakers, but Becky almost locks in the Disarm-Her, but Asuka countered it and hit a kick to the head. Becky hits a Becksploder from the middle rope, but Asuka kicked out. Becky went for a top rope leg drop, but Asuka countered into an Asuka Lock, transitioned into a Disarm-Her, before Becky locked in the Asuka Lock. Becky locked in the Disarm-Her, but Asuka went for a roll-up, before locking in the Asuka Lock. Asuka bridged into a Cattle Mutilation, and Becky tapped out. This was a great opening match, and although Becky lost this match clean, she more than made up for it later on in the night.

Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship Match: The Miz & Shane McMahon def. The Bar (c) to become the new Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions

The Miz and Shane O’ Mac came out wearing matching baseball jerseys. Shane starts out the match against Sheamus, and he immediately takes him down and rains punches. Both teams make a tag, and Miz tried to get a quick rollup on Cesaro. Miz tried to lock in the figure four, but The Bar quickly take control before Shane came to take out Cesaro. Sheamus hits Shane with a cheap shot, then Miz starts to pummel Sheamus with kicks before more shenanigans from The Bar allowed them to gain control. Shane saved Miz from getting slammed through a table, then Shane jumps on Sheamus from the top rope, only to eat an uppercut for his troubles, then got chucked in the barricade. The Bar dissect Miz, although he’d try to fight back, their power was too much for Miz to overcome by himself. Sheamus taunts Shane, but after a rollup by Miz, the Bar continue to demolish Miz with quick tags and double team moves, but Miz won’t stay down. Miz finally made the hot tag to Shane, and he goes on a tear, with quick punches and a DDT. Shane went for a coast to coast, but got picked out of the air by Cesaro, who took him on a swing, but Shane countered the sharpshooter with a triangle choke. Sheamus dropped a knee from the top rope, then Miz gets dropped by Sheamus. The Bar hit the double team White Noise, but Shane kicked out. Sheamus accidentally Brogue Kicked Cesaro, then Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale onto the Sheamus. Shane O’ Mac hit a Shooting Star Press to get the win for the ‘Best Tag Team in the World’ in what was a very entertaining match.

RAW Women’s Championship Match: “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey def. Sasha Banks to retain the RAW Women’s Championship

Sasha is a heel once again, and the crowd loves it. Sasha countered Ronda’s arm drag with an arm drag of her own, and both women are being arrogant. Ronda pays tribute to Eddie with the ‘Three Amigos,’ but Sasha hits a backstabber before Ronda countered. Ronda kicked Sasha out of the ring (literally) then pummeled Sasha with some right hands on the outside, before Sasha dodged and Ronda killed the ring post. Sasha begins to pummel Ronda in the corner, and continues to target Ronda’s right arm. Ronda went for ‘Piper’s Pit’ then locked in a variation of the armbar, and pried at Ronda’s fingers. Ronda countered with a pinfall attempt, but Sasha countered with a Bank Statement, but quickly rolled out of it. Ronda locked in a submission of her own on the ropes, but Sasha quickly escaped. Sasha hit a superplex, but Ronda kicked out, and Sasha immediately went back to Ronda’s arm. Banks went for a suicide dive, and Ronda caught her, then locked in the armbar on the outside. The champion fired some lefts and rights, and then both women are down. Ronda gets up, and Sasha throws Ronda into the turnbuckle onto her hurt arm. The Boss went for the backstabber, but Ronda almost countered into an armbar. Ronda went for Piper’s Pit, but Sasha counters with a Bank Statement (with some assistance of her ring gear), then into a Fujiwara Armbar. Ronda counters with a gutwrench, then hits Piper’s Pit to pick up the win and retain her women’s title. Ronda and Sasha had a showing of respect after the match.

Becky Lynch wins the 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Lacey Evans came out at #1, and she came out like a sailor straight from the 40’s, and cut a heel promo saying that she’s the only real lady in WWE. Then out comes Natalya at #2. Lacey and Natalya showed some great athleticism, including flips and kip-ups. Natty hits a hurricanrana whenever Mandy Rose comes out at 3, and goes right after Natalya. Natty locks in a double sharpshooter onto Lacey and Mandy, then Liv Morgan skips her way into the Rumble. Then gets immediately eliminated by Natalya. It was nice seeing you Liv. Lacey gains control, then out comes Mickie James, and she goes right after Natalya. Mandy takes control of Mickie, but almost gets eliminated. Out comes the War Goddess (who I had pegged at #2), and she wrecks everyone in the match. Mickie tries to eliminate her but fails. Out comes Billie Kay, who sits on the outside of the ring until Peyton Royce comes out. Then at #8, out comes the ‘Twisted Sister’ Nikki Cross who wipes out everyone with a crossbody. Then out comes Peyton Royce at #9, and the IIconics go after Nikki Cross. Tamina comes out at 10, and wrecks shop, but then gets kicked through the ropes by Nikki. Tamina hits a splash, and Mickie got eliminated. At #11, comes out first surprise entrant, Mae Young Classic alum Xia Li. She goes right after Tamina, and kicks everyone down. Sarah Logan comes in at 12, then at ‘Lucky 13,’ out comes the favorite to win the Rumble in Charlotte Flair. And Corey, Ric didn’t enter at #1. He entered at #2. Nice try though. Charlotte cleans house, and then Lacey eliminated the IIconics. Charlotte kicked Xia in the face, and she’s gone. The second surprise entrant comes out in 2017 Mae Young Classic Winner Kairi Sane, who gets into a chop battle with Charlotte after the Queen eliminates Tamina. Kairi hits the InSane Elbow, then with Natty’s help, eliminates Sarah Logan. When we get to the halfway point of the match, Maria makes her return to WWE while Charlotte and Lacey stare each other down. Then they kick the crap out of Maria. Naomi comes in at 16, and eliminates Mandy Rose, who then tried to eliminate Naomi. Thanks to some Kofi style shenanigans, Naomi avoids elimination by walking the barricade, onto the steps, but Mandy eliminates Naomi anyway. Lacey Evans is finally eliminated by Charlotte. Then out comes the third surprise entrant in the past 4, Candice LeRae. Candice goes after Ember Moon, then comes #18 Alicia Fox, who hits some dropkicks, teams up with Maria, then Maria stomps Alicia’s hat and Fox eliminates Maria. Out at #19, comes former American Ninja Warrior champion Kacey Catanzaro. Zelina Vega comes in at 20, and starts to fight LeRae. Ruby comes in at 21, alongside Logan and Morgan, and they destroy everyone from the outside. Meanwhile, Vega goes under the ring. Foxy gets eliminated, then Ruby eliminates LeRae. Ruby gets her third elimination when she tosses out Kairi Sane. Io Shirai takes out the Riott Squad before getting in the match, including a moonsault to the outside. In at 24, is the first ever NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley. Kacey Catanzaro pulls a Kofi and handstands her way back to the match. But gets caught by Rhea Ripley and gets eliminated. Sonya goes on a tear at 25, then Ripley eliminates Dana. Hornswoggle coaxes Vega out of the ring before Ripley throws her out, and Swoggle chases Vega to the back. Alexa Bliss makes her return at 26, to a massive pop. Alexa gets beaten down by Sonya Deville, and Alexa eliminates Sonya. Bayley comes out at 27, and goes on a tear, eliminating Ruby Riott and Rhea Ripley. Lana comes out at 28, but she is unable to fight since she has a bad ankle. Nia Jax comes out at 29, and destroys Lana. Jax goes on a tear, quickly eliminating Io Shirai and Natalya, who was in the Rumble for 55:58. Carmella comes out at #30, no R-Truth with her (thank god) and gets run over by Nia Jax. Out comes Becky Lynch, who gets Fit Finlay’s blessing to take Lana’s spot in the Rumble, and Chase Field exploded. Becky makes a beeline for Nia, but almost gets eliminated by both Charlotte and Nia. Alexa grabs Ember by her hair and eliminates the Shenom. Mella goes after Alexa Bliss, and Bayley eliminates Alexa Bliss. Charlotte eliminates Carmella, who then almost gets tossed out by Bayley. Then we’re down to the final four: Nia, Bayley, Charlotte, and Becky. Three of the four horsewomen. Then Bayley gets eliminated, and Bayley had a great performance in this year’s Rumble. Maybe she’ll have a great 2019. Nia fights Charlotte, and Becky eliminates Nia Jax, leaving it down to only Charlotte and Becky. Nia destroys Becky on the outside, with ‘The Man’ landing awkwardly on her knee. Becky climbs inside the ring on a bad leg, and Charlotte immediately hits Becky with a chop block, and destroys Becky’s leg. Becky throws Charlotte on the apron, but Charlotte attacks Becky’s leg once again. Becky eliminates Charlotte Flair, punching her ticket to WrestleMania, to the loudest pop of the night.

Entrants 1 & 2: Lacey Evans and Natalya

Entrant 30: Just Carmella. No R-Truth

Most Eliminations: Charlotte Flair (5)

Surprise Entrants: Xia Li (#11), Kairi Sane (#14), Maria Kanellis (#15), Candice LeRae (#17) Kacey Catanzaro (#19), and Io Shirai (#23), Rhea Ripley (#24) Becky Lynch (technically #28)

Winner: Becky Lynch

WWE Championship Match: ‘The New’ Daniel Bryan (c) def. AJ Styles to retain the WWE Championship

It’s a shame this match got the ‘piss break’ slot, because it honestly wasn’t that bad until the end. They start out swinging, before quickly transitioning into chain wrestling. Styles hits a deep arm drag and Bryan goes outside the ring for a breather before Bryan and AJ exchange strikes and chops. Bryan slams AJ onto the top of the ring post, and Bryan capitalizes, targeting AJ’s left arm and chest of AJ. Bryan locks in a submission, but AJ gets to the rope, and continues to dissect the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Styles fights back with one good arm, even hitting a pump-handle backbreaker. AJ went for the clash, but Bryan countered, and now AJ is targeting Bryan’s left knee. Bryan hit the YES kicks, then took a page out of Kenny Omega’s playbook with the Dragon Suplex. Bryan went for a top rope hurricanrana, but almost got caught in the Clash, and kicked AJ to the outside. AJ went for the springboard 450, but Bryan got his knees up and locked in the LaBelle Lock, which AJ countered into a pinning attempt then the Calf Crusher. D-Bry got to the ropes, and hit the YES kicks yet again. AJ locked in the Calf Crusher yet again, but Bryan kicks out of it. Styles hit a brain buster, then Bryan kicked AJ down while in midair when he went for the Phenomenal Forearm. Then for some reason, Erick Rowan showed up for some damn reason and hit AJ with a chokeslam after Styles hit the Clash and gave the win to Bryan. Then, Rowan picks up AJ Styles and Bryan hits AJ with the knee.

WWE Universal Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) def. Finn Bálor to retain the WWE Universal Championship

I was thinking that ‘Demon Bálor’ was going to show up for his match against ‘The Beast,’ but I was wrong. Finn goes right after Brock, with punches in the corner and kicks to the head of ‘The Beast.’ Finn gets caught, then Brock hits a belly to belly throw, and now Lesnar uses his freakish power to throw Bálor around. Brock clears off a table, but Finn throws Brock into the corner of the announce table twice, then floors Bálor with a knee to the gut. Finn goes back on the attack, but Brock throws Finn into the corner of the ring. Lesnar buries his shoulder into the ribs of Bálor, and hits another Belly to Belly throw. Then hits a third suplex. Finn hits a slingblade, but still gets floored by Brock with a huge clothesline. The champ tried to go for a German, but his midsection is in too much pain. Brock goes for an F5, but it got countered into a DDT, and Finn stomps away at Brock’s gut. Finn hits three over the top rope suicide dives, and Finn hits the Coup de Grace, but Brock kicks out and locks in the Kimura, and Finn had to tap out. After the match, Brock takes Finn to Suplex City and hits an F5. This was not what you’d expect rom a Brock Lesnar match, and Finn Bálor was put over incredibly strong in defeat. He’ll get his time soon enough.

Seth Rollins wins the 2019 Men’s Royal Rumble Match

Hey, JBL and Maggle Cole are back together! All is right in the world, it feels so good to hear Maggle and JBL together again. Elias was the #1 entrant in the Royal Rumble, and before he treated us all with song, out came TNA founder and WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett. Before Elias and Jeff Jarrett could sing together, Elias attacked Double J, and even hit Jarret with a guitar before eliminating him. Then out comes new United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, who won last year’s Royal Rumble. Elias walks across the top rope, but Nakamura pulls him down. Out came Kurt Angle at #4, and he takes Nakamura and Elias to Suplex City. Big E comes out at 5, and also starts suplexing everyone. Angle hits Big E with an Angle Slam, but Nakamura eliminates Kurt Angle with a Kinshasa. Johnny TakeOver comes in at 6, and goes on a tear. Jinder Mahal comes in at 7 and cleans house, but gets quickly eliminated by the NXT North American Champion. Everyone teams up on Nakamura when Samoa Joe comes in at #8. Joe goes right after Big E, and demolishes everyone in the match, and eliminates Big E. Curt Hawkins come in at 9, and quickly gets put to sleep by Joe, but Hawkins went under the ring. Seth Rollins comes in at 10, and quickly goes on a huge tear. Seth Rollins eliminates Elias, then goes right after Johnny Gargano. Titus comes in at 11, and doesn’t slide under the ring this time. He chases after Curt Hawkins instead. And gets eliminated by Curt Hawkins, and then Hawkins gets eliminated by Samoa Joe. Kofi enters his 12th Rumble at #12, and goes after Samoa Joe. Mustafa Ali comes in at ‘Lucky 13,’ and he makes a beeline for Samoa Joe, and Ali even eliminates Nakamura. Ali gets thrown in the corner as Dean Ambrose comes in at 14. Dean and Seth start fighting, and Kofi avoids elimination yet again, by rolling across the apron with his feet. Dean eliminates Johnny Gargano as No Way Jose comes in at 15 and gets eliminated immediately. Drew McIntyre comes in at 16, and demolishes No Way Jose and his stupid conga line, and hits everyone with Claymore Kicks. Xavier comes in at 17, and Kofi gets another spot where he lands on Xavier, and Woods drags Kofi to the stops, and they both get eliminated by McIntyre. Pete Dunne came in at 18, and immediately takes it to everyone in the match. Out comes Andrade, and he starts fighting Pete Dunne and Dean Ambrose. Apollo Crews shows his athleticism at #20. Aleister Black enters the Rumble at #21, and immediately goes HAM on everyone, including a midair knee to Ali. Aleister Black eliminates Dean Ambrose with a Black Mass Kick. Shelton Benjamin comes back at 22, and then Samoa Joe is locking in the clutch on everyone, before Ali eliminates Samoa Joe. Baron Corbin is #23, and he goes right after Seth Rollins. Corbin eliminates Apollo Crews before “Brother Nero” shows up at 24. Pete Dunne and Aleister Black start fighting before Baron Corbin eliminates Black, then McIntyre eliminates Dunne. Rey comes in at 25, and rekindles his rivalry with Andrade. At 26 comes Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley, who gets immediately eliminated by Seth Rollins. Lashley drags Rollins from under the bottom rope, and put Seth through an announce table. Then out comes Braun Strowman at 27. Everyone dies, and Baron Corbin gets eliminated in seconds. Braun throws Shelton out, and then Jeff Hardy gets eliminated as Dolph Ziggler comes out at 28, and eliminates Drew McIntyre. The Viper comes in at 29, and immediately gets powerslammed by Braun. Rey hits a crossbody while Andrade and Ali were on Braun’s shoulders. Then as R-Truth comes out, he gets attacked by Nia Jax, which made me really happy. Nia eliminates Mustafa Ali, then has a stare down with Randy Orton. He went for an RKO and Nia ran him over. Nia gets superkicked by Dolph, and then gets hit with a 619, and an RKO. Nia finally gets eliminated by Randy and Rey Mysterio, but Rey turns around into an RKO and gets eliminated. Then Andrade eliminates Randy Orton which means we have our final four. Dolph Ziggler, Andrade, Braun Strowman, and a still incapacitated Seth Rollins. Dolph and Andrade have a fantastic sequence before Braun runs them over. Then Braun runs Seth Rollins over on the outside, then throws him back in the ring. Seth escapes a powerslam, then everyone teams up on Braun, but Strowman bullrushed Andrade all the way over the top rope. Braun runs over Dolph Ziggler, but hits Seth with a chokeslam. Rollins and Braun fight it out on the apron, and Seth Rollins hits a stomp on the apron to win the Royal Ruble, and settle some unfinished business with Brock Lesnar.

Entrants 1 & 2: Elias & Jeff Jarrett

Entrant 30: Nia Jax (who attacked R-Truth)

Most Eliminations: Braun Strowman (6)

Surprise Entrants: Jeff Jarrett (#2), Kurt Angle (#4) NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano (#6), WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne (#18), Aleister Black (#21), Shelton Benjamin (#22)

Winner: Seth Rollins

Match of the Night: Women’s Royal Rumble Match

The Men’s rumble was great, but the Women’s Rumble was out of the park. The match was high octane from bell to bell, and everyone got put over. This year, there surprisingly weren’t any legends, with all of the entrants on either the main roster or NXT. And to top it all off, Becky won. Yes, it came at Lana’s expense, but she was the only person that made sense.

Overall Review

The preshow tag team match got thrown together seemingly at random, which is a sad state of affairs for Raw’s tag team division. The United States Championship Match was alright, and while Rusev had a dud of a title run, maybe Shinsuke Nakamura will have an actual title reign this time. Once again, the cruiserweights over-delivered and put on one of the better matches of the night. Hideo Itami may not have won, but Buddy Murphy needs o continue to be the juggernaut of 205 Live. The night opened up with the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship Match, which was a great match. The action was stiff and crisp, and although Asuka won clean, it was the right call because Asuka needs to begin to rebound from the abhorrent year that was 2018. Plus, Becky won the Rumble, so I think it worked out for both parties in the end. The Smackdown Tag Title match was very entertaining, and everyone carried their weight in this match, even Shane McMahon. Props to everyone in that match for competing in a solid match. It wasn’t Match of the Night, but it was still a fun match. The RAW Women’s title match told a good story of Sasha trying to pick apart Ronda’s arm, but Ronda overcame and retained in what was a fantastic match. Once again, Ronda proves to the world how great of a wrestler she is. The Women’s Rumble didn’t have a lot of surprise entrants this year, but it was still a fun Rumble. As a matter of fact, there wasn’t a single legend in this year’s Women’s Royal Rumble. The show took a bit of a dive in the WWE Championship Match. The match wasn’t bad. It was actually good. It was just the piss-break match and it had a really stupid finish. Then, to sap out all investment, Rowan showed up and laid AJ out with a chokeslam. I can get Bryan having a heater, kind of like Kevin Nash was, but of all the people you could’ve picked, WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU PICK ERICK ROWAN?! It’s because he has a beard isn’t it? The Universal Title match was very good, and Finn took Brock to his limits, but we all knew that Lesnar was going to retain his Universal Championship. Finn was closer than we all thought he would be. It was a great match, with Finn dominating most of it shockingly enough. It’ll make Seth’s victory all the sweeter at Mania. The Men’s Rumble had 3 big surprises right out the gate, with Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, and Johnny Gargano. The Men’s Rumble match was great, just like last year’s, and I hope that this could be a common trend for Royal Rumble Matches. It just had lots of fun moments. Like Jeff Jarrett and Elias, Ali and Joe continuing their feud, Drew McIntyre kicking everyone in the head, and best of all, Seth Rollins winning. AND Becky Lynch won. Two of the hottest acts in WWE are going to headline WrestleMania this year. Ronda and Seth haven’t picked who they’re fighting, but we all have a general idea as to who they’ll pick. All in all, the Rumble was a great show, and every match on the main card delivered, and even the cruiserweight title on the preshow was good. AJ-Bryan may have gotten put in the piss break spot, but they still put on a good match. Outside of the random tag match on the preshow, there wasn’t an inherently bad match the entire night. Overall, I’d rate the Royal Rumble at an 8.5 out of 10. It lost a point with the bad placement of AJ-Bryan, and the random tag team match. Let’s hope that we don’t have a bumpy ride of the ‘Road to WrestleMania’ this year.